2020 Trends for Home Design & Renovations

By: Architectural Visions

A definite trend for 2020 is that people are spending more and more time at home, living as well as working. Therefore, it is essential that homeowners consider the latest and most optimal renovations to their home to create a comfortable and healthy living and work environment.

Here at AVI, we have got you covered with all the newest trends for doors and windows to help you sculpt the most beneficial atmosphere for your home. We’re also here to provide you with tips on trending styles, colors, and materials of 2020 as well as give you advice on incorporating your home environment as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Door Trends

Now more than ever, you want your home to be welcoming as you approach it from the outside and comforting as you walk through it. Arguably the most essential aspect of creating this atmosphere is choosing the right door.

Contemporary color trends lend toward neutral, darker hues that emphasize a simplistic, welcoming curb appeal. Varying shades of gray, black, and blue stained and glazed doorways are becoming increasingly popular over the traditional natural brown and red. Similarly, interior doors will benefit form a darker shade, adding warmth and character as you transition from room to room. Charcoal, midnight blues, and deep purples are some moody colors that are popular options for 2020. Furthermore, the everlasting beauty of a natural wood stain can also add to that comforting, homely feel.

Oversized glass panels in your exterior doors can add to the openness and brightness of your home. This element ties in well to the theme of welcoming and warmth that we are all looking for this year.

Window Trends

Just because people are spending more time indoors this year doesn’t mean they need to feel cut off from the great outdoors. Windows are a great portal to allow you to still enjoy everything nature and your neighborhood have to offer.

Contemporary window styles are growing increasingly popular this year, and that means more natural light and more space. Nothing creates space and allows natural light like a floor to ceiling window. For a more functional option, a sliding patio door that integrates more glass than frame will also create the same effect. Both options are great for an unobstructed view of the outdoors.

Working from Home

2020 has been the year for considering renovating or adding a home office. It’s never been clearer that the atmosphere that our house creates affects how productive we are. A perk about working from home rather than at work is that you can renovate your home office as little or as much as you like to fit your personal style.

Consider a contemporary, minimalist style for the room to avoid clutter and keep you focused. For an office door, this means a simplistic design without much decoration and a neutral color for its stain. Contemporary windows with bold, straight lines mixed with curves will lend to a sense of professionalism and openness to keep you fresh and upbeat. Technology has made furnishings such as bookshelves and equipment such as filing cabinets superfluous but adding an ottoman might be beneficial for when you need a break or just need to meditate on the day’s tasks.

2020 Healthy Living

In 2020 especially, your home is an essential part of helping you and your loved ones stay healthy. Physically, a high-quality steel or fiberglass entry door will insulate and help you to regulate the temperature of your home. Similarly, fiberglass windows especially will also help you to maintain the influx of heat and cold in your house. By having more control over the climate in your home, you can help you and your family stay healthy, especially during the colder months.

Aesthetically speaking, consider the advantages of large, contemporary window styles such as sliding doors and window walls to create more space and let more light in. While you may not be going outside as much, this aspect will help give a sense of openness for everyone in the home.

Your 2020 Home Renovation

When it comes to making your house trend in 2020, the experts at AVI have got you covered for all your home door and window renovation needs. With our in-person and online services, we are your one-stop-shop for you to browse, choose, and install your home’s new doors and windows.

Get in touch with us online, by phone, or in person or at one of our Southeast locations now, and let us help you this year!