About Interior Design: Color Ideas

By: Architectural Visions

Marvin Sliding Patio Door
Both men and women are drawn to chartreuse.

Looking to refresh your rooms? Consider a color outside your usual palette. In a recent study, color researchers found that chartreuse is a color that both men and women are drawn to.

Color trend forecasters are saying that purple is getting more popular, in shades such as lavender, violet, and magenta. And thanks to an upsurge in grays and silvers as the new neutral, these colors can look sophisticated next to stainless appliances, marble, and chrome.

Infinity from Marvin replacment window in bedroom

Blue bedrooms melt away stress

 Need to reduce your stress level at home? Choosing cool, soothing shades inspired by the sea such as serene blues and grays, especially great in bedrooms, can help your troubles melt away.

Or play it safe: yellow hangs in as a perennial favorite – which only seems right, since it’s the color of the sun.

Marvin Casement Windows in yellow room
Yellow remains the favorite