Design Trends: 5 Benefits of Sustainable Homes

By: Architectural Visions

If you’re drawn to the idea of building or buying a green home, or simply considering greening your current home, here are 5 reasons you’re on the right track.

  1.  Sustainable building is better building. Green building follows high standards, usually above existing building code, so your home improvements can have long-lasting, successful outcomes.
  2. Green living is cleaner. Properly planned homes have good indoor air quality, reducing molds and indoor allergens, and because they are well insulated, they seal out pest infestations, allergens, and outdoor pollutants.
  3. Green homes are healthier. Homes built to green standards mitigate threats like radon gas and use materials that emit little or no harmful toxins that could lead to long-term health risks.
  4. Green homes have low energy bills. No one has to remind you that energy bills can be extreme, both summer and winter. Energy efficient building products pay for themselves over time in reduced monthly utility costs by reducing energy usage or providing alternative energy resources.
  5. Green homes respect our planet. Along with the practical benefits you’ll enjoy today and tomorrow, building for sustainability makes good use of precious resources like water and land, leaving a legacy that lasts throughout the lifetime of the home. Sustainable building products are also made using Earth-friendly manufacturing and efficient material usage, to have a reduced impact beyond just your home.

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