Do Thermal Lined Curtains Work?

By: Architectural Visions

As the temperature drops outside, you may be dreading drafts and cold spots indoors. Read this before investing in insulating curtains and drapes find out if they really help you save energy.

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Are insulating curtains cost effective?

When you cover your windows with treatments that have a thermal panel liner, you’re shutting out chills in the short term. You’re also keeping out the sun’s warmth. Solar heat gain is warmth that comes through your windows and raises room temperature, even in the winter, and it can noticably reduce your heating bills. Quality replacement windows have a low-e coating that lets the sun’s warmth through in winter months, and only blocks solar heat in the summer when the sun shines from a higher angle. The difference can add up in comfort and on energy bills year round. What’s more, insulated drapes can also block sunlight, causing you to turn on more electric lights, again, upping your energy use. Get more information about Energy Star certified windows.