Even a 7-Foot Snake Can’t Stop the Idea House Renovation

By: Architectural Visions

How many old houses are worthy of moving? In picturesque Senoia, Georgia, historic architecture runs deep, so nothing is too good when it comes to renovating the town’s homes. This year, Southern Living Magazine’s 2012 Idea House gives top treatment to a Senoia farmhouse, complete with relocation and Marvin Windows and Doors.
One of the first steps in the Idea House project involved moving the structure to a better location – one that allowed for a backyard, framed the home in an urban setting, and set the stage for the stunning wraparound porch addition that raises this old house above its original 19th century glory.
Enter Davis Housemovers, Inc., the family-owned business that moved a mountain to relocate this home. Because the structure sat low to the ground, Davis and his two sons resorted to digging under the home to facilitate the move. Along the way they came across a dead cat and a seven-foot long copperhead snake, but undeterred, the trio placed the house on its new site like a baby in a down feather bed. Watch the time lapse video.
While the house was making its move, AVI and Marvin Windows and Doors got busy planning, designing, and building the custom wood Marvin windows and doors that will maintain the home’s historic charm while concealing the leading-edge innovation and energy efficiency that makes Marvin good enough for a painstaking renovation such as this. Stay tuned for the next installment where the Idea House gets its windows.
The Southern Living Magazine 2012 Idea House will be open to the public June –October 2012. Click here to plan your visit.