Home Color Schemes: Ask a Color Specialist

By: Architectural Visions

paint color ideas from AVIew, the blog of AVI a Marvin Design GalleryChoosing the rights colors for your home does not have to be a challenge. Here are some paint color ideas to get you on track. 

Donna Frasca, owner of Decorating with Donna, is a color specialist – all she does is choose palettes for her customers. Check out her interesting blog, loaded with truly solid color advice. According to Donna, approach homes with an open floor plan like a tree, starting with your entrance or foyer as the trunk and treating the rooms like branches. Start with a neutral and gradually add related colors. 

Choose a slightly warmer color for the dining room, possibly contrasting a little more with your living room color choice. Warm colors usually work better in kitchens, to make them a welcoming place to eat, unless you have warm (red or orangey) stained cabinets. Then choosing a cool color such a blue may complement your decor beautifully. 

Finally, Donna’s advice for choosing a kitchen wall color is not to be too shy. Making your kitchen fun or lively can lift your mood or give you energy.

Looking for a color specialist or just some expert advice on finding the right colors for your home? Join Donna and other color mavens on the Benjamin Moore Color Exchange.