How to Choose the Best Windows and Doors Based on Where You Live

By: Architectural Visions

The place in the world that you choose to call home influences how you decorate your house and add personal touches to make it your own. But geography should also have an impact on the types of materials and design styles you choose for your home, especially for the windows and doors.

Based on where you live and what the environment is like there, here are some tips for how to design a house that can not only withstand the elements of nature, but even thrive in them.

Areas with Lots of Clouds and Shade

If you live on a piece of property that has lots of shade trees or in an area that is often cloudy, it is more important than ever to have large windows to allow in as much natural light as possible.

It is also very useful to install a skylight or two in your shaded home to let more natural light inside. This is recommended because a daily dose of natural light is good for your health and mood, and it also helps warm your home naturally on cool days without excessive use of your heating system.

Very Sunny Areas

However, if you live in a very sunny area with few shade trees or clouds, you will want to invest in a quality set of shades to keep excessive sunshine out of your home and reduce glares and overheating. This is a tip to remember to save money on cooling costs in the summer and to reduce headaches due to sun glare in your home.

At AVI, we offer perfectly measured and installed Marvin shades in 15 durable and long-lasting colors to add both function and style to your home. Meanwhile front doors from top industry brands like TruStile, Tucker, Craftsmen in Wood, and can keep the sun out and look stunning at the entrance of your home.

Hot Climate House Design                                                                                                                       

Hot climates can take their toll on a home and really drive up your cooling costs on warm days. The basics of hot climate house design include having a high-quality roof and ensuring that there are no leaks where air conditioning can seep out. The windows and doors you choose in hot climates are very important because these can be major sources of air leaks.

Choose high-quality windows and doors with tight seals, multi-point locks, and superior weather stripping. Energy efficient windows should face north whenever possible in a hot climate home to reduce overheating.

Windows and Doors for Extremely Cold Weather

In very cold climates, homeowners also need to prioritize insulation to ensure that valuable heat isn’t escaping into the outdoors. At AVI, we carry the most energy-efficient windows and doors to minimize the effects of cold days.

Tips for making sure your windows and doors are prepared for cold weather include adding weather stripping, checking glass for damage, caulking around edges, installing storm windows, and using window insulator kits. Well-insulated large scenic doors and sliding patio doors can allow extra sunlight to come into your home on sunny days and allow you to view the winter weather from the comfort of your home.

Rainy and Damp Areas

When considering how to design a house in a wet region, pay close attention to the types of materials you select for windows and doors. For example, low-quality types of wood are prone to rot and cracking after rainy conditions, so make sure to choose high-quality wood or wood-alternatives, such as durable fiberglass. Vinyl and composite are also great moisture-resistant materials for windows and doors.

In coastal southeastern regions, hurricane resistance is especially important. Aluminum is a good material choice because it’s stronger than vinyl to withstand strong storms.

Desert House Design Ideas

In dry climates with lots of sunshine, your home needs extra protection from intense heat and sunshine. Your home design can accomplish this with solar-heat-resistant windows and coatings that allow natural light to pass through the glass without the heat you don’t want coming inside.

This goes for smaller windows on and alongside the doors of your home as well. At AVI, we understand why a home’s surrounding environment is a huge consideration when building or designing a house, and we have options to suit every climate to give you peace of mind.

House Design for Mountain Areas

If you live in the beautiful mountainous areas of Georgia, North Carolina, or Tennessee, you’ll want to make the most of your incredible views with bay and bow windows, , and large scenic views that let you soak it all in.

However, remember that mountain climates tend to be harsher than low-lying areas, so you’ll also want to make sure that your windows and doors can withstand winter storms, cold temperatures, and high winds. Casement windows are an especially good choice if you live in an area that often sees high winds, such as mountainous regions.

Specialists in Southeastern Climates

Although our window and door experts at AVI know what it takes to outfit a home in any climate with great windows and doors, we truly specialize in Southeastern environments. This is our home, and we have locations in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee to best serve your local needs.

If you have questions about what types of windows and doors will work best in your area, we invite you to contact us online to ask for expert advice. We also offer free consultations in our service area and have seven showroom locations where you can meet with our experts and learn about the wide variety of styles and finishes we offer. Let us know about your home’s unique climate conditions, and we’ll be happy to help you pick out the perfect windows and doors for your area!