How To Replace Windows: Should I Hire A Professional?

By: Architectural Visions

Although confident DIY-ers may think it’s easy to learn how to replace windows, there are many reasons to consider professional installation. Here’s just a sampling of reasons.

Energy Efficiency: Even if you know how to replace windows, and you choose to install windows yourself, the options of what you’ll be working with are limited. Buying windows from local supplies, you may only find limited sizes. There is no doubt that finding the windows that fits your openings closely will ensure they are more energy efficient. Gaps around the window that are patched with carpentry allow are leakage that will diminish the energy efficiency significantly. What’s more, carpentry is an art, and you may not be please with the appearance in the end.

Protection: Properly installed windows will not allow in rain, insects and the damaging effects of weather. Poorly installed windows can actually channel water into walls. Over time this can lead to rot, not only of the framing around the window, but of important load bearing parts of your house. It’s a risk that’s not worth taking.

Warranties: Many windows are backed by impressive warranties, such as ones that last a lifetime. However, they are usually void if the windows are not properly installed. There is a sound reason for this. Window manufacturers who make quality products and study their performance over time have learned that most major warranty claims involve improperly installed windows, not the failure of the windows themselves. Factors can include how the windows are fastened, taking proper measures to prevent water infiltration, and choosing the right windows in the first place. Only factory trained professionals have in depth knowledge of these matters.