How to Shop for the Best Windows that Fit Your Style Home

By: Architectural Visions

Doing research online can be a helpful way to shop for the best windows. It can save you  choose-best-windows-to-fit-your-stylegasoline and time in the car. Here are ways to do great online research.

Visit to find several window shopping tools. The product finder helps you narrow down the window type based on how the window opens, its size and shape and the architectural style of your home. Once you know the window type, the product designer lets you design the actual look of your new window. Choose from a sampling of Marvin’s vast array of options to style the interior and exterior, as well as details such as hardware. This design tool lets you see the window so you can try out each look and have an educated guess of what to order for your project.

If you prefer to shop on your iPad, the Marvin app gives you a portable, interactive window shopping experience. Browse the entire catalog of windows and doors illustrated with 3D models. As above, the product designer lets you put on a window fashion show so you can see each look and settle on your style. For inspiration, browse the gallery of stunning photos and videos of actual projects to see the possibilities.

Two other great tools to help you find the best windows for your home include the Marvin iPhone App and the online remodeling planner. Visit to learn more.