Making Social Media Work For You

By: Architectural Visions


In an industry as visual as building, taking advantage of social media platforms that specialize in photography is an easy way to market your business. Instagram, Pinterest, and Houzz (a social media site dedicated primarily to builders, architects, designers and homeowners); are all excellent social media platforms to showcase your expertise and work, while also helping you promote to new business prospects.

Tips for maximizing your social media: 

  • Master one social media platform before expanding to multiple platforms.
  • Eye-catching photography and impressive case studies are great ways to attract new clients.
  • Posting time-lapse project videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram will help you catch the eye of new followers.
  • Featuring before and after photos of renovations and remodels; shows the breadth and experience of your business.
  • Publishing testimonials and awards/accolades on LinkedIn, Facebook and your company website adds credibility and personalization to your business.
  • Providing helpful tips for homeowners on a company blog, Facebook or Twitter shows an increase in customer trust.

So whether you’re launching a social media page for the first-time or looking to maintain a well-seasoned profile, take some time to strategize how you can make the most of all social media platforms.

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