Marvin Windows No-Layoffs Stance Resonates with AVI’s Personal Approach to Selling Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Beginning with a story in the New York Times praising Marvin for its no-layoff policy throughout the recession, the company has received increasing attention for the past several weeks. AVI is aligned with Marvin in valuing its most important asset, its dedicated and skilled employees.

“Because Marvin products are made to order, our colleagues give each project personalized attention. That adds great value to Marvin. Very few window brands are made with this much care,” said Peter Morrison, AVI President.

“AVI’s philosophy is that people buy windows from people, not from window companies. We came to feel this after working with Marvin colleagues daily for decades. The AVI team regularly experiences firsthand the attention to detail, expertise, and passion Marvin employees build into the windows and doors they create,” Peter added. “We pass this passion along, to benefit our customers.”

AVI colleagues are a select group of window experts who have worked with the Marvin brands throughout their multi-decade careers. This results in a seamless experience for homeowners and members of the building trade who look to AVI as their source for Marvin products.

Marvin Windows and Doors, located in Warroad, MN, is over 100 years old and remains family-owned after 3 generations. Just 6 miles from the Canadian border, their close-knit community is built around Marvin’s operations. In their long history, Marvin has only laid of employees once, over 40 years ago, and has successfully retained their workforce in the recent economic challenges, recognizing they are key to the company’s success.

In addition to the New York Times, Marvin has been praised by Fox TV, ABC World News, Bloomberg Television, and more. These articles have inspired current and potential customers to express their feelings about a company that values its employees so highly.

“AVI’s consumer and trade customers both have become passionate and loyal towards Marvin, not only for its quality products, but for the way the company does business,” said Peter. “We’re very proud to work with Marvin and that passion comes through in the quality of AVI’s work.”

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