New Home Windows That Can Transform Any Room

By: Architectural Visions

New-Home Windows-That Can-Transform-Any-RoomAdding a window to any room can create drama, change the lighting, give it a more open feel, or connect it with the outdoors. Here are new home windows that can have a transformational effect.

Round top or arch top windows have a rounded top which breaks away from the rectangular or square norm for windows. Not only will they change the site lines but they can extend the opening, adding more light to the room. In additional, they’ll add to the exterior beauty of the home.

French windows, like French doors, are truly elegant. The swing open together, creating a large, unobstructed opening, and give any room a romantic, historical appeal. French windows can be made to open inward or out, depending on the amount to room available to allow to the sash to swing.

Bay and bow windows not only transform the room by adding more windows to a wall, but because they actually change the shape of the room. These windows are made up of several individual units, assembled to project from the exterior wall of the room. Besides making more space, they give expansive views and add architectural interest.

Picture windows can be square, round, rectangular, or virtually any shape you can imagine, when you work with a made to order brand such as Marvin, that is. You can add one large feature window in an unusual shape, or add combinations of multiple units.

Because they affect the light, the interior and exterior of each room, new home windows can truly transform the look of your home.