Newest Trending Window Styles For Your Home

By: Architectural Visions

Here’s a sampling of some new trends in home design and window styles.

Freestyling It
Seems like any architectural style that suits your personality is in style nowadays.

According to Eric Drivdahl, an architect recently interviewed on the MLuxe blog, “I am seeing a larger trend in both the production and semi-custom markets towards a greater diversity in style. Craftsman style spec homes have been extremely popular. However, that seems to be changing.

“I’ve seen several projects in the last 24 months locally that have branched out and have included other traditional and contemporary styles such as traditional farm house, Santa Barbara/Mediterranean, English Tudor and other historical reinterpretations … Consumers are seeking out great design in the things they buy, and I’ve observed this trend is impacting housing as well.”

Made to order windows are the only way to go when the sky’s the limit on personal expression. Imagine being able to design exactly the window you’re dreaming of. Brands like Marvin fulfill on the promise: if you can dream it, they can make it into a window.

Multipurpose Rooms
In olden times, the well-to-do had a room for dining in the evening, a room for breakfast, a room for sitting, a room reading, and so on. Today’s family shares their spaces and specifically purposed rooms are on the verge of extinction. Great rooms and kitchen/family room combinations need to have traffic flow carefully planned – here’s where windows and doors count. They put the right lighting or view into these settings, direct traffic flow or allow spaces to seem more connected by a sense of openness. Casement windows can be ideal to give a sense of openness as well as large picture windows with unobstructed views.

Not So Big Living
This trend is driven by those who eschew the McMansion and the need to impress. These homeowners instead seeking a smaller house made with extremely high quality materials such as wood windows that blend with the wood used in built-in furniture – an essential when making the most of smaller spaces. Function follows form in this trend, and since windows are a working part of a house as well as a key architectural element, they are front and center in the not so big home.

Bringing in the outdoors
This trend continues and grows in popularity, and windows can play a major part in your indoor/outdoor blending décor. Growing in popularity are designs using walls of windows to let the light in, as seen in this recent MLuxe blog. To keep from interfering with outdoor area traffic patterns and floor plans, inswing windows and hopper windows that tilt inward are an excellent choice.