Picking Paint Colors for Your Front Door

By: Architectural Visions

AVIew Picture of Front Door Colors

Visualize the color of your new front door

Tying together the color of the front door with the roof and/or shutters helps create a unified look as if those elements were chosen at once. On the other hand, adding a pop of color to your front door can draw the eye, make a statement, and create an inviting entry to your home. Red is known as a welcoming front door color, and yellow is popular because it seems to beckon visitors with warmth. In addition, contrasting a light door to a dark colored house or a dark colored door on a light house will also call attention to the most important feature of your home, your entry door.

To be sure you’re choosing the right color for your door, the designers at HGTV recommend taking a photo of the front of your home, cutting out the door and placing paint chips of colors you’re considering behind the photo. This will give you an excellent way to visualize how your home will look if you repaint or replace your front door.