The Advantages of Using Multiple Product Lines in the Same Project

By: Architectural Visions

When many trade professionals take on a new building project, they stick to a single product line for the sake of consistency and simplicity. However, there is a lot to be gained by using more than one line of products when you’re faced with new construction or a home renovation.

Here’s what architects, builders, designers, and real estate professionals should know about mixing product lines to expand the available options and get the best results.

Save Money on Parts and Supplies

When you consider more than one brand of windows and doors for a commercial or residential project, it is often a lot easier to stay within your budget and cut costs. For example, you might find it more cost-effective to install a Therma-Tru Door rather than a Unilux Door. Ultimately, having more options on your radar helps you be smart with your purchasing and maximize your profits.

You might also consider incorporating elements of different collections belonging the same brand to manage your budget for windows and doors. If you love the Marvin brand, there’s the more budget-friendly Essential Series with its timeless design and easy care. Then there’s also Marvin’s Elevate Series, which is costlier per window but offers more glass and a stylish wooden interior. Therefore, you might choose Elevate windows for the most high-profile locations in the building but Essential windows in other locations where certain features are not as high of a priority.

Provide a Great Solution for Customer Needs

Another benefit to using multiple lines is that you can customize better solutions to keep your customers happy. For example, some brands specialize in larger windows that aren’t available from other brands. Meanwhile, some brands offer doors that go very well with certain windows but that aren’t necessarily manufactured by the same companies.

For example, the Performance Line of contemporary Western Windows products perfectly complements a Unilux door with lots of glass and no viewing obstructions when you look outside. This is because both product lines feature large and unobstructed glass panels to entice the imagination. If windows alone aren’t providing a room with the amount of natural light that your client really wants, add a Velux skylight or two into the mix for a stylish solution that will also reduce energy costs over time.

Complete Projects Faster and More Efficiently

There’s nothing worse than waiting around for parts and supplies to be in stock and available for use when you’re running up against a tight deadline. If it doesn’t compromise the look or quality of your project, you might opt for a different product line for a set of windows or a certain door if it means staying within your timeline and getting things wrapped up more promptly. When you can deliver results like this, you can take great pride in your work and secure repeat clients that help you be successful and earn great customer reviews.

Offer a Unique Look and Aesthetic Appeal

Both homeowners and businesses want their spaces to look unique and aesthetically pleasing, and you can often accomplish this desired result with a mix of window and door brands. TruStile doors have maximum design flexibility with many options to choose from, while Unilux windows help you achieve certain building goals, such as energy efficiency and sound insulation.

When you don’t limit yourself to just one line of products, you can offer a more unique look and original vibe to your work. Create your very own signature design by mixing and matching product lines in a way that really makes you stand out as a professional!

The AVI Advantage for Multiple Lines

One of the best parts about working with AVI is that we offer various brands and can guide you toward combinations of the top brands to use on the same projects. We have the widest selection of Marvin window and door products in the industry and also feature TruStile Doors, Velux Skylights, Therma-Tru Doors, Unilux Windows and Doors, Western Window Systems, and more. With so many great products all in one place, you can make the best decisions for your building project and enjoy all of the advantages described above.

Learn more about our full-service approach by contacting us or visiting one of our locations in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.