The Best Place for Double Hung Windows in your Home

By: Architectural Visions

When you’re thinking about getting new windows, the way in which they open, or operate, can be an important consideration. Here’s an example of the best place to use double hung windows throughout your house.

The main advantage of the way double hung windows operate is that you can choose to have them open at the top or the bottom. Depending on the room and the way you live, you can make this work for you.

If you have a living room where the windows open to a porch or a family room where the windows open to a patio, double hung windows can be opened on the bottom, allowing you to stay connected with those staying on the porch or patio, while not having to leave space for the sash to swing outward the way it would with a casement window.

In a bath or powder room where privacy is an issue and ventilation is needed, the double hung windows’ top sash can be opened, keeping the lower part of the window closed. In a children’s room where safety is a concern, again the top sash can be opened, keeping your children safe inside and preventing unwanted intruders from viewing or entering the room.