Top 6 Trends For New Home Windows In 2012

By: Architectural Visions

Green and Energy Efficient – Whether you’re passionate about our planet or hate high utility bills or both, choosing new home windows with state-of-the-art energy efficiency ensures you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint and your energy bills throughout the seasons. Look for new home windows with insulating glass with argon gas and Low E coatings that make the most of solar warmth when it’s needed and block it in the summer months.

Also, high-quality engineering and fine craftsmanship help windows make a tighter seal when closed and locked and stay square and true over the years to ensure the efficiency lasts. Discover made-to-order brands such as Marvin. They’re built to fit the size of your home’s openings better and feature industry-leading manufacturing.

Not So Big Living – The notion of that a home’s value comes first and foremost from square footage has lost popularity. Today’s smaller homes are made with higher quality materials, including made-to-order windows, wood windows, and architecturally interesting window designs. Plus, architects know just how to design windows to give smaller spaces and open, airy feeling with innovative window placement.

Contemporary – Mid Century Modern is back in vogue. In general, contemporary architecture is on the rise. In terms of window styling, this includes corner windows, clerestory windows, gliders (windows that open by sliding from side to side), and picture windows without dividers.

New modern styling incorporates a newfound appreciation for nature by making use of rich, natural woods, so choosing windows made from responsibly forested woods such as cedar, mahogany, oak, and more make an excellent an excellent choice if contemporary décor is your goal.

Outdoors Closer to the Indoors – Blurring the lines between the outside and indoors continues to be a powerful trend changing the way Americas live and make their homes. Windows and doors are critical to making these transitions. Sliding and French doors can connect you with your backyard. Casement windows that swing wide open can give you unobstructed views and breezes. An exciting option is the tilt-turn window that swings open like a door, but also tilts in from the top for unobtrusive ventilation. Low visibility screens can keep out the bugs while letting in the breezes and offer a sweeter view.

Low Maintenance – Americans find themselves busier than ever and are willing to spend a little extra to get features that will cut down on the amount of work they need to do. With windows, this includes features such as aluminum-clad exteriors that include a finish so tough, the windows stay looking like new for years to come, without the need for painting. Fiberglass windows are also an excellent choice as they will not rot, warp, or require repainting to keep their good looks.

Universal Design – Thoughtful home design becomes more important as the population of America ages. Making the home comfortable and safe are important features for those who want to live well at home for longer. If you’re choosing windows with the long term in mind, consider ergonomic hardware and casement and awning windows that crank open with little movement or strength required. Higher quality windows are engineered to open and close with little effort whereas bargain-priced windows can become difficult to raise and lower after only a few years.