Why Choose ULTREX® Fiberglass Windows?

By: Architectural Visions

Why Choose ULTREX® Fiberglass Windows?

The better the material, the longer the life of your windows. When you choose fiberglass windows, you are choosing a better quality material over vinyl and aluminum. AVI stands by ULTREX® Fiberglass from Integrity Windows and Doors. They have been voted BEST QUALITY Fiberglass Window for 5 years running by BUILDER Magazine.


Slimmer frame = more glass = better view. ULTREX® fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl and 3x stronger than other composites.

Water Resistant.

Fiberglass is resistant to moisture + corrosion so they will not leak or rot.

Impact Resistant.

Integrity products with ULTREX are built to stand up against weather events such as wind, branches, hail… you name it!

Temperature Stable.

Only ULTREX expands/contracts very little. As temperatures change, ULTREX moves at the same rate as glass, which helps prevent stress cracks and seal failures. Reducing the chance of leaks around the window.

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