Why Interior Designers Keep Getting Smarter

By: Architectural Visions

Marvin Windows Interior Did you know Georgia’s licensed interior designers must complete 12 hours of continuing education every two years? This isn’t the only reason to seek out a professional designer.

Working with an accredited interior designer can be the make or break decision of your home improvement project. Whether you’re adding an addition, remodeling a room or looking to change décor, there’s no substitute for a professional who’s trained and experienced in creating spaces especially for clients. However, they can also solve problems and even help you avoid costly mistakes, in the long run adding a great deal of value and satisfaction to your project.

So how do you find a designer you can trust? Start with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). It’s the oldest, largest, and leading professional organization for interior designers (around since 1975). To find out how to locate a qualified interior designer in your community, check out ASID’s free Designer Referral Service.

Here’s a checklist of qualities to look for in a designer:

  • Accreditation as an interior designer (Georgia requires interior designers to be licensed.)
  • Experience in the type of project you are doing
  • Demonstrated creativity, talent and resourcefulness
  • Attentiveness, responsiveness, and good communication skills
  • A record of reliability and good work habits

AVI is proud to partner with ASID to help homeowners realize their home design ideas. Contact us today.