Door Installation

Not only does AVI offer the finest doors in the industry for your home, we also provide professional door installation services for our valued residential customers. Buying a new door is a great start to updating your house, but that door is only as functional and beautiful as the installation work put into it. This is why we recommend having your new door installed by one of our knowledgeable experts who works on these types of projects every day.

Professional Installation

High-Quality Installation for Your New Door


For a door to open and close well, while keeping outside air where it belongs in the outdoors, your new door must be properly installed to fit perfectly in the frame. A well-installed door will help keep you cozy inside your home during all seasons of the year and eliminate drafts that compromise your comfort.

Well-installed doors also keep you safe in your home because they prevent intruders from easily opening a malfunctioning door and entering your personal space. AVI’s installation team is also committed to helping you save money on your monthly energy bills with door installation that maximizes the efficiency of your door’s durable and sustainable materials.

Why Choose AVI for Door Installation


Customers in Alpharetta, Atlanta, Blue Ridge, Columbus, Franklin, Macon, Nashville, and the surrounding areas choose AVI for their door installation needs because we are the local experts. With every door project we assist you with, you’ll receive professional measurements, installations, and a great warranty.

Our installers know our door products very well, including scenic doors, sliding patio doors, swinging patio doors, front doors, iron doors, and interior doors. This familiarity and specific knowledge means that your door will get installed correctly the first time and in less time than other installers would need to get the job done.

We Stand by Our Door Installation Work


We are proud to offer the Southeast region with a better way to buy and install doors, and we’re committed to providing you with the very best door installation service possible. In fact, we are so confident in our door installers’ work that we offer a 10-year installation warranty on every job we do. This means that if you experience an issue with the door’s installation in the next decade, we’ll come out to fix the problem right away.

Let us take the time-consuming and tedious task of door installation off your hands for cost-effective results you’ll love. Contact us to learn more about our door installation services and installation warranty to give you peace of mind about your new purchase.

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We take the hassle out of properly attaching a new door to your home so you can come and go as you please.

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