Best Window Company of 2018

AVI has been named the Best Window Company of 2018 from “My Home Improvement”. Watch the Q&A:

MODERN by Marvin

AVI is the EXCLUSIVE source for MODERN by Marvin in Georgia! PERFORMANCE Category-Leading Thermal + Structural Performance The unique construction of the Marvin proprietary high-density fiberglass frame offers strength at scale without compromising thermal performance.  The Marvin MODERN standard product exceeds the U Factor standard offerings from competitors. MODERN AESTHETICS Greater Consistency in Sightlines than…

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Introducing MODERN ​​​​​​​by Marvin

Rigid.  Durable.  High-Strength.  Large Glass. Narrow Sightlines. Marvin MODERN is a system of windows, doors and options that enables architects to achieve their vision with pure modern design aesthetics and category-leading performance. Multi-Slide Door Made from a single piece of high-density fiberglass, this proprietary frame from Marvin reimagines what modern windows and doors can do.  Unlike thermally broken…

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Marvin & Integrity Named Best in Quality by Builder Magazine

For the second year in a row, professional builders across the country have voted Marvin Windows and Doors as top quality product lines in the Builder Magazine’s Brand Use Study. An Annual survey of professional builders, the Brand Use study explores which brands are most often used and most highly regarded in the industry. Marvin Windows and Doors…

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Home Automation

Home Automation Marvin’s new Lock Status Sensor tells you if a panel or sash is closed and locked or unlocked. Integrates seamlessly into your new or existing security system via wired or wireless connection Concealed design keeps the beauty of your windows and doors As technology evolves, your system is able to upgrade Compatible and…

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6 Steps to New Windows

6 Steps to New Windows Step 1. Plan Your Replacement Budget & Strategy. You don’t have to replace all at once. Begin by replacing heavy-trafficked rooms in your home OR problematic windows first. Work out from there. Plan your strategy based on your budget. Step 2. Do Your Research. Not all windows are created equal….

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Why Choose ULTREX® Fiberglass Windows?

Why Choose ULTREX® Fiberglass Windows? The better the material, the longer the life of your windows. When you choose fiberglass windows, you are choosing a better quality material over vinyl and aluminum. AVI stands by ULTREX® Fiberglass from Integrity Windows and Doors. They have been voted BEST QUALITY Fiberglass Window for 5 years running by…

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Energy Efficiency 101

When windows are energy-efficient, they will not only make your home more comfortable, they will reduce your energy costs. Marvin and Integrity windows offer product options that will help you achieve long-term performance and cost efficiencies, in any climate.  

Signs It’s Time to Replace

Drafty windows. Windows that stick. Loss of energy efficiency. Look for these signs to help you determine if replacing your windows (and doors) should be the next project on your home improvement list. Operation has become difficult They’re drafty (loss of energy efficiency) There is condensation between the glass panes Water stains, chipping or deterioration…

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Promoting Wellbeing With Accessible Homes

When envisioning the perfect home for their family, Kiley and Jim agreed that accessibility was paramount—access to the outdoors, and access for their daughters, Langley and Boelyn, who have special needs and rely on their wheelchairs to get around. After purchasing a narrow lot in Downers Grove, Illinois, the couple reached out to Chicago-based firm…

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