• TruStile interior door
  • TruStile interior door in bedroom
  • TruStile interior door
  • White interior door by TruStile
  • TruStile interior door installed by AVI Windows & Doors

Interior Doors

Well-designed interior doors can make a significant impact on the architecture of a home.  The experts at AVI Windows and Doors can help you select the custom door that elevates your home’s design.

Beyond just the doors that connect the inside of your home to the outside world, there are many kinds of interior doors that are used to separate rooms and provide distinct spaces to live in. These are doors that close off bedrooms and bathrooms, closet doors, utility room doors, and doors for decorative purposes. They can take on various styles with the use of color, patterns, and decorative hardware to give your interior spaces more personality and functionality at the same time. Browse the styles and installation options for interior doors online or in store at AVI.

Features of Interior Doors

  • Elevate the architectural style of a home
  • Provide useful separation of rooms and better sense of space
  • Soundproofing features to reduce noise in rooms
  • Increase privacy in the home
  • Many options for colors, styles, and hardware
  • Multiple material options, including solid wood, solid core, and hollow core
  • Options to go as basic/functional or as decorative as you like
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Types of Interior Doors

Panel Doors 

Panel doors are also called slab doors and are a traditional style of door with square or rectangular patterns. These doors can be straight or curved at the top and come in various configurations for ultimate functionality.

Bi-Fold Doors

Closets, pantries, and utility rooms often have bi-fold doors that fold open and closed for daily household use. These doors save space by not swinging out into the room and are another functional and popular type of door.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a great option for saving space. They slide along a track that's mounted inside the wall and "disappear" into the wall when open.

Design Considerations

Wood material for windows and doors
Fiberglass material for windows and doors
MDF - Medium Density Fiberboard
Composite wood material for interior doors
Installation Services
AVI door installer using drill within door frame
Door Installation Services
Buying a new interior door is a great start to updating your house, but that door is only as functional and beautiful as the installation work put into it. This is why we offer expert installation services with experienced installers.
Door installation services
Installation Quality Guarantee
We’re committed to providing you with the very best door installation service possible. In fact, we are so confident in our door installers’ work that we offer a 10-year installation warranty on every job we do.
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TruStile interior door installed by AVI Windows & Doors
TruStile interior door in bedroom
TruStile interior door
White interior door by TruStile
TruStile interior door

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