• Bow window interior image
  • Bow window exterior image
  • Bow window exterior photo
  • Bow window exterior photo with full view of house
  • Bow window interior with no background
  • Bay window exterior photo with no background

Bay and Bow Windows

Open up your space, add depth, and welcome in more natural light with a bay or bow window from AVI.

You can instantly add architectural interest and expand your interior living space by having a bay window or bow window in your home. Bay and bow windows give a home a unique and custom look and give the perception of more living space without adding to the square footage. This extra space is ideal for sitting to enjoy a good book, allow pets a comfortable place to look outside, and offer houseplants extra room and sunlight.

Features of Bay and Bow Windows

  • Accentuate your interior view
  • Create more internal space in your room
  • Give your home a custom design look
  • Maximize the benefits of both form and function with your home’s windows
  • Angled projections with options for three, four, five, or more windows
  • Panoramic views to enjoy your yard and surroundings
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Types of Bay and Bow Windows

Bay Windows 

Bay windows often have three openings – typically a large fixed window in the middle with two smaller windows on each side. These side windows can be single-hung, double-hung, fixed, or casement style windows.

Bow Windows

Bow windows often have four, five, or more openings, which means they typically take up more space than bay windows. These sets of joined windows are angled to make the wall look curved and are often constructed with wood or vinyl.

Design Considerations

Wood & Fiberglass
Grid Options for Bay and Bow Windows
Simulated divided lite (SDL)
Simulated Divided Lites

One of the most popular options for bay and bow windows are simulated divided lite grids. This option enhances the aesthetic appeal of your window by creating depth and intrigue.

Authentic divided lite grid option
Authentic Divided Lite (ADL)

An original style window with separate pieces of glass glazed between dividing muntin bars


Grilles are permanently installed between the glass panes for a smooth exterior, low maintenance and easier cleaning. Choose from numerous grille patterns for the style you want

Bay and Bow Window Screens

If you want to open up your bay window or bow window to let the fresh air inside, you’ll need screens to keep out insects, dust, and other elements of the outdoors. Bay and bow window screens will be sized to fit each separate window in the unit.

Bright bronze wire screen mesh

Bright - Bronze

Bright aluminum wire screen mesh

Bright - Aluminum

Black aluminum wire screen mesh

Black - Aluminum

Charcoal aluminum wire screen

Charcoal - Aluminum

Charcoal fiberglass screen mesh

Charcoal - Fiberglass

Charcoal high transparency screen mesh

Charcoal - High Transparency

Dual pane window

Dual Pane

Tripane window diagram

Triple Pane

Low-E Coatings Stacked

Low-E Coating
The Low E coating is specially designed to take advantage of the angle of the winter and summer sun. The sun’s rays are absorbed in the cooler months to keep your home warmer and reflected in the summer to keep your home cooler.

Decorative Glass
Frosted glass
Glue chip glass
Glue Chip
Obscure glass
Rain glass
Sandblasted glass
Grooved glass
Beveled glass
Beveled Sound Abatement
Bow window exterior photo
Bow window exterior photo with full view of house
Bow window interior image
Bow window interior with no background
Bay window exterior photo with no background

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