• Homeowner exiting sliding scenic door onto deck
  • Bi-fold scenic doors opened into patio area
  • Sliding scenic door open, looking out over patio
  • Large scenic doors looking out into pool area
  • Large, sliding scenic door being opened by homeowner
  • Large scenic doors in pool area

Scenic Doors

Scenic doors offer panoramic views and let homeowners bring the outdoors into their homes with a beautiful mix of inside and outside spaces. Large doors offer wide-open possibilities and let you enjoy the view from your home like never before.

At AVI, we offer various styles of scenic doors to best suit your space and lifestyle, such as multi-slide doors, bi-fold doors, and lift-and-slide doors. Not only are these large doors aesthetically stunning, but they are also durable and energy-efficient to help you make the most of your investment.

Features of Scenic Doors

  • Connect your inside space with the natural environment
  • Panoramic views that are effortless and elegant
  • Multiple scenic door styles to choose from
  • Easy and convenient to operate
  • Energy-efficient for your eco-friendly lifestyle
  • Sill or track movement that complements household flooring
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Types of Scenic Doors

Bi-Fold Doors 

For a clean design aesthetic and large door sizes with more glass, bi-fold doors are a great option. These doors reach widths up to 55 feet for the ultimate panoramic views.

Multi-Slide Doors

Multi-slide doors are popular scenic door options and offer unmatched energy efficiency. Options include stacked or pocket operation, unidirectional or bi-parting designs, and up to ten panels.

Lift-and-Slide Doors

Large lift-and-slide doors come in sizes up to 50 feet wide and feature highly functional pocket or stacked designs with up to 8 panels. These versatile doors also have numerous panel configurations.

Design Considerations

Wood material for windows and doors
Steel material for windows and doors
Aluminum material for windows and doors
Fiberglass material for windows and doors
Wood & Fiberglass material for windows and doors
Wood & Fiberglass
Grid Options for Scenic Doors
Glass with no grid
No Grid

Homeowners have the option of having sliding patio doors with no grid to maximize views with no obstructions.

Simulated divided lite (SDL)
Simulated Divided Lite

Simulated divided lite grid options feature bars that are permanently adhered to both sides of the door glass. Spacer bars can be installed between bars inside the glass to create the appearance of individual glass panes.

Grilles Between the Glass

For a divided look that is affordable and low-maintenance, sliding patio door grilles can be permanently installed between glass panes. This allows for a smooth exterior and easy cleaning.

Screens for Scenic Doors

Many homeowners choose to have a screen installed on their scenic doors so that they can not only let the sunlight and views in, but also the fresh air. At AVI, we’ll ensure that the screen you choose perfectly fits with your scenic door in terms of size, style, and functionality.

Bright bronze wire screen mesh

Bright - Bronze

Bright aluminum wire screen mesh

Bright - Aluminum

Black aluminum wire screen mesh

Black - Aluminum

Charcoal aluminum wire screen

Charcoal - Aluminum

Charcoal fiberglass screen mesh

Charcoal - Fiberglass

Charcoal high transparency screen mesh

Charcoal - High Transparency

Dual pane window

Dual Pane

Tripane window diagram

Triple Pane

Low-E Coatings Stacked

Low-E Coating
The Low E coating is specially designed to take advantage of the angle of the winter and summer sun. The sun’s rays are absorbed in the cooler months to keep your home warmer and reflected in the summer to keep your home cooler.

Decorative Glass
Frosted glass


Glue chip glass

Glue Chip

Obscure glass


Rain glass


Sandblasted glass


Grooved glass


Beveled glass

Beveled Sound Abatement

Installation Services
AVI door installer using drill within door frame
Scenic Door Installation Services
Not only does AVI offer the finest scenic doors in the industry for your home, we also provide professional door installation services for our valued residential customers.
Door installation services
Installation Quality Guarantee
We are so confident in our door installers’ work that we offer a 10-year installation warranty on every job we do. This means that if you experience an issue with the door’s installation in the next decade, we’ll come out to fix the problem right away.
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Large, sliding scenic door being opened by homeowner
Large scenic doors in pool area
Sliding scenic door open, looking out over patio
Large scenic doors looking out into pool area
Bi-fold scenic doors opened into patio area
Homeowner exiting sliding scenic door onto deck

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