• White awning window open
  • Exterior photo of awning windows on mountain cabin
  • Wooden awning windows in bedroom
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  • Matte black awning windows
  • Wooden awning windows in bedroom

Replacement Awning Windows

Awning windows exemplify simplicity and high-quality performance and can enhance a remodeling or replacement project on their own or as a complement to casement or picture windows. Due to their simplicity, they are ideal for over sinks, kitchen counters, and other hard-to-reach locations. Awning windows swing out from the bottom and feature push-out or crank-out styles. These windows are operated with locking hardware that is located near the window sill. At AVI Windows & Doors, we offer this style of window in sizes up to 8 feet wide or up to 8 feet high for stunning views and maximum flexibility.

Features of Awning Windows
  • Easy-to-reach hardware for operation
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach places in the home
  • Can be used on their own or to complement another window
  • Push-out and crank-out options available
  • Provides good ventilation without letting debris inside
  • Offers a versatile and contemporary look
  • Can be left open while raining
  • Can generally be placed higher on the wall than other window types
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Types of Awning Windows


Push-out awning windows are easy to operate and have narrow profiles for a clean aesthetic and maximum glass views. A concealed lock status sensor option is available with push-out awning windows.


Crank-out windows are operated with a lever that turns clockwise to open and counter-clockwise to close. The insert replacement option is available with this window type. Extender poles are available if the window is high and cannot be reached. The pole hooks onto the hardware and can be turned to operate the window.

Design Considerations

Wood material for windows and doors
Steel material for windows and doors
Aluminum material for windows and doors
Fiberglass material for windows and doors
Wood & Fiberglass material for windows and doors
Wood & Fiberglass
Grid Options for Awning Windows
Authentic divided lite grid option
Authentic Divided Lite

This is a traditional style of window grid that has been made more efficient and popular with modern window technology. It features separate pieces of glass that are placed between dividing bars.

Simulated divided lite (SDL)
Simulated Divided Lite (SDL)

This is a popular grid option for awning windows because it is affordable, energy-efficient, and creates the look of individual panes of glass. It features bars on both sides of the glass.


Awning windows can achieve the appearance of a divided lite pattern with grilles between the two panes of glass. It is easy to clean these types of windows and maintain them over time.

Awning Window Screens

For awning windows, you can choose between fixed or retractable interior screens to provide protection and encourage greater window usage. Interior screens for awning windows are available with a paintable, stainable wood interior surround, or aluminum surround in a variety of colors.

Bright bronze wire screen mesh

Bright - Bronze

Bright aluminum wire screen mesh

Bright - Aluminum

Black aluminum wire screen mesh

Black - Aluminum

Charcoal aluminum wire screen

Charcoal - Aluminum

Charcoal fiberglass screen mesh

Charcoal - Fiberglass

Charcoal high transparency screen mesh

Charcoal - High Transparency

Dual pane window

Dual Pane

Tripane window diagram

Triple Pane

Low-E Coatings Stacked

Low-E Coating
The Low E coating is specially designed to take advantage of the angle of the winter and summer sun. The sun’s rays are absorbed in the cooler months to keep your home warmer and reflected in the summer to keep your home cooler.

Decorative Glass
Frosted glass


Glue chip glass

Glue Chip

Obscure glass


Rain glass


Sandblasted glass


Grooved glass


Beveled glass

Beveled Sound Abatement

Tempered Glass
Tempered glass in bathroom

Tempered Glass is often used in bathrooms for safety reasons. The panels are heated and then cooled rapidly in a controlled environment, making the glass several times stronger than regular glass.

Tempered glass in a bathroom

Tempered Glass is ideal for use over bathtubs and in showers where if glass were to shatter, it will break into small pieces so as not to harm any occupants. Tempered glass is used in cars for the same reason.

Installation Services
Window installation services
Window Installation Services
We offer hassle-free installation with experienced installers who know our awning windows well. Since we supply and install, we can help you streamline the replacement or initial installation process to save you time, money, and headaches.
Door installation services
Installation Quality Guarantee
What really makes our window installation services stand out is how we back all of our installations with a quality guarantee. We stand by every project we do and offer a 10-year installation warranty to give you peace of mind that the job was done right.
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Wooden awning windows in bedroom
Matte black awning windows
Wooden awning window closeup
Wooden awning windows in bedroom
Exterior photo of awning windows on mountain cabin
White awning window open

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