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Window & door Problems and Signs for Replacement
Below is a list of common window and door problems that the experts at AVI can help you solve. If you’re ready to get started with your window replacement or door replacement project, the first step is a FREE consultation with our experienced window and door experts. Fill out the form, and a team member will be in touch to start the replacement process.

Hot / Cold Drafts?

Drafty windows and doors indicate that there is a problem. Air from the outside should not make its way through your windows and doors. AVI has the solutions to drafty windows and doors – our windows meet or exceed industry standards and are guaranteed to perform for years. If you are feeling drafts with each season, let AVI help! Schedule your FREE consultation today!

High Energy Bills?

Did you know it costs more, in many markets, to cool your home than to heat it? Regardless of the season, if your windows and doors are leaking air, they are costing you money. Replace the older units, and you’ll see an immediate improvement in both your energy costs and the comfort of your home. Start saving today, and schedule your FREE consultation with our experts!

Sticking / Tough-to-Operate Windows and Doors?

Are your windows sticking when you try to open them? Are your doors tough to close, or worse – open? This is not only frustrating, it’s a safety issue. Give AVI a call. With high-quality hardware and other components, our products are guaranteed to work smoothly for years to come. Don’t wait! Schedule your window and door replacement consultation today.

Condensation Inside the Glass?

This is a sure sign that the seal around your insulated glass has failed, blocking your view and decreasing the energy performance of your window / door. AVI can help! Our replacement windows and doors use high-quality glass and sealants, leading to years of worry-free performance. Start upgrading your home today with a one-on-one consultation with one of our window and door replacement experts!


Start Solving Your Problems With A FREE Consultation with One of Our Experts!


Peeling Paint?

If you have wood windows and the paint is peeling, look out! Paint is the first line of defense against rotting windows. Repainting only hides the problem and you will have to repaint in just a few years. AVI’s products include both aluminum and Ultrex fiberglass (from Integrity Windows and Doors) exterior cladding. No maintenance, no rot, just beautiful windows and color that will last for years.

Are Your Windows Just Plain Ugly?

Older windows can really show their age. Perhaps the color has faded, or they have been dinged over the years by the elements. Maybe they are just out of style? Whatever the reason may be, new windows may add VALUE to your home. Not to mention the curb appeal. We say “may” because many lower cost options are just as painful to look at as older products. At AVI, we use architecturally correct products that look and perform beautifully for many years.

Are Your Windows Rotting or Falling Apart?

We replace rotted windows and doors every day. We will offer you windows in aluminum, Ultrex Fiberglass (from Integrity Windows and Doors) or all-wood windows that carry the industry’s best replacement solutions for years of worry-free performance.

Does Your Home Need a Facelift?

Does your front door look like it was in a 70’s sitcom? Do you need some ideas to give your home a fresh look? Give AVI a call and our project managers can recommend a new updated solution for your home. OR visit one of our showrooms and see the possibilities!

Do You Have Outdated Single-Pane Windows?

Single-pane windows (popular in the 80s & 90s) lead to drafts, sun-faded carpets and furniture, condensation and higher energy bills. Replace old windows and you will see an immediate improvement in both your energy costs and the comfort of your home. Your carpets and couches will thank you!

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