3 Reasons to Choose Integrity Windows for your Home’s Bedrooms

By: Architectural Visions

3-reasons-to-choose-integrity -windowsIntegrity Windows are made by Marvin, a company that’s been in the window business for over 100 years. Known for their beauty, durability and innovation, Marvin windows are considered best-in-class. Their Integrity line of windows are made with Ultrex, a remarkable fiberglass that outperforms and outlasts all other window materials including vinyl. Learn three reasons to choose Integrity windows for installation in your home’s bedrooms.

1. Carefree Living
While Integrity windows feature a choice of genuine wood interiors (or paintable fiberglass interiors if you prefer) the outside are made with Ultrex. Thanks to it’s tough acrylic finish which meets the industry’s highest standards for fade- and chalk-resistance, you won’t have to worry about painting these windows — which is ideal if you have multiple bedrooms or they are on the second floor. They’ll stay looking like new for decades to come, even in their darkest exterior finish colors.

2. Comfortable Living
Integrity windows’ combination of Ultrex fiberglass and insulating low e glass ensure they exceed Energy Star standards, so you can count on them keeping your bedrooms cozy and comfortable in the winter, but also cool in the summer with their UV blocking ability. In addition, the Ultrex frames are 500 times less thermally conductive than aluminum windows.

3. Beautiful Living
Integrity windows benefit from their Marvin heritage. For over a century, the Marvin family has lead a mission to listen to their customers, achieve the level of quality they demanded, and to craft windows that outperformed all others in their class and were styled to be architecturally and aesthetically pleasing. While vinyl windows can have unsightly corner seam welds and aluminum frames can lack depth and substance, Integrity windows have rich styling, beautiful options and details that can make them accent your bedroom’s decor to a T.