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Welcome to the Age of Big Glass Windows & Doors

Big Glass Windows and Doors Revolution Homebuyers are willing to pay more for natural light and multiply living space. Residential architects, builders, and developers are no longer held back from incorporating oversized glass in their exterior home designs. This natural light revolution has become a hit to both millennials and baby boomers. Benefits This big…

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Tips for Choosing Efficient Windows

Chances are that the main reason you are replacing your old windows is to upgrade to more energy efficient models.

Top Trends: What are the Best Double Hung Windows

If you are thinking of replacement windows, especially double hung windows, here are three brands that are ahead of the trend in style, features, energy efficiency and innovation. Marvin double hung windows come from a company that’s been in the business for over 100 years. Known as the window brand that’s best in class, the Marvin…

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3 Reasons to Choose Integrity Windows for your Home’s Bedrooms

Integrity Windows are made by Marvin, a company that’s been in the window business for over 100 years. Known for their beauty, durability and innovation, Marvin windows are considered best-in-class. Their Integrity line of windows are made with Ultrex, a remarkable fiberglass that outperforms and outlasts all other window materials including vinyl. Learn three reasons…

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The Best Place for Double Hung Windows in your Home

When you’re thinking about getting new windows, the way in which they open, or operate, can be an important consideration. Here’s an example of the best place to use double hung windows throughout your house. The main advantage of the way double hung windows operate is that you can choose to have them open at…

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New Home Windows That Can Transform Any Room

Adding a window to any room can create drama, change the lighting, give it a more open feel, or connect it with the outdoors. Here are new home windows that can have a transformational effect. Round top or arch top windows have a rounded top which breaks away from the rectangular or square norm for…

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How to Shop for the Best Windows that Fit Your Style Home

Doing research online can be a helpful way to shop for the best windows. It can save you  gasoline and time in the car. Here are ways to do great online research. Visit to find several window shopping tools. The product finder helps you narrow down the window type based on how the window…

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Energy Efficient Window Styles for Your Atlanta Home

Not all windows are created equal. The materials and special insulating glass are fundamental to creating energy efficient window designs, and there’s even a difference between window styles. Starting with the right window material is the first step to increasing energy efficiency. Nature knew what it was doing, because wood is still one of the…

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Window Styles to Improve the Look of Your Dining Room

As homeowners spend more and more time at home, it’s critical that they consider the best ways to make each room in their home as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. Maybe not the most often used room in the household, the dining room is still one of the most important places to forge many of…

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Marvin Releases iPad App To Help Find Your Perfect Windows and Doors

If you’re in the midst of improving your home, you may have already discovered that your iPad is your best friend for organizing, visualizing, researching and recording your ideas. An exciting new app that can help you find the perfect windows and doors has been released by Marvin Windows and Doors. It was designed with…

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