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Ten Questions to Ask When Hiring a Contractor

Learn about the questions you should be asking before you hire your next contractor.

The Best Place for Double Hung Windows in your Home

When you’re thinking about getting new windows, the way in which they open, or operate, can be an important consideration. Here’s an example of the best place to use double hung windows throughout your house. The main advantage of the way double hung windows operate is that you can choose to have them open at…

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New Home Windows That Can Transform Any Room

Adding a window to any room can create drama, change the lighting, give it a more open feel, or connect it with the outdoors. Here are new home windows that can have a transformational effect. Round top or arch top windows have a rounded top which breaks away from the rectangular or square norm for…

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Window Styles to Improve the Look of Your Dining Room

As homeowners spend more and more time at home, it’s critical that they consider the best ways to make each room in their home as welcoming and enjoyable as possible. Maybe not the most often used room in the household, the dining room is still one of the most important places to forge many of…

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​5 Essential Things to Know When Buying New Windows

Are your windows ready for replacement? Perform these simple tests: Being careful to remove window treatments before you start, pass a lit candle around the perimeter of your windows on a windy day. If the flame flickers, it’s an indication of enough air infiltration to show window replacement will make a noticeable difference on utility…

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Repair or Replace Windows: How To Know Which Option Is Best

There comes a point with everything, whether it’s a car or a home repair, where you have to choose between working with what you have or starting new. Here are some thoughts on deciding whether to repair or replace windows.

Design Inspiration: Get Remodeling Ideas Online

There’s nothing better than seeing actual photos of real homes to give you remodeling ideas for your window replacement or home improvement project. Or perhaps you want to compare the outcome of a recent project to others. Marvin Windows and Doors’ website has a new Remodelers Gallery that features actual before and after photos by…

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AVI and Marvin Windows: Keeping the Warm in the Roosevelt Warm Springs Institute

In the early years of Warm Springs, GA, Creek and Iroquois Indians frequented the eternally warm waters of the springs. They brought their sick and wounded to be “healed” in the mineral-rich springs.

Good window designs “borrow space” from the outside

Have you ever given thought to what windows add to a home? As acclaimed home designer Marianne Cusato points out, spreading the windows around your home adds depth and dimension to each room because you gain both natural light throughout the day and views in all directions. If you’re shopping for windows, take 2-1/2 minutes…

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Energy efficient windows among top home trends for 2012

How will you improve your home in 2012? Each year the experts at Marvin Windows and Doors publish a list of top home trends for the coming year. Here’s this year’s list. Energy efficiency High quality, high function Not-so-big living Renovation nation Let the sunshine in Keeping it simple Make room for family Aging in…

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