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The Best Window Types to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Here in the Southeast, we do a lot of different things to stay cool in the summertime. Beyond just going to the local pool, planting more trees in the yard, and fixing the air conditioning unit, the windows you choose for your house can help beat the heat. Here is an overview of the best…

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Spring Cleaning Time is Here: How to Deep Clean Windows

Spring is a time for renewal, refreshing your personal space, and tackling those challenging cleaning jobs that you save for just once a year. One of the most important items on any spring cleaning checklist is to deep clean windows throughout the house because routine surface cleanings only go so far to keep these fixtures…

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Window Safety Tips for Your Home and Family

In April, many of us start opening up the windows to let the fresh air inside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather. At this time, it’s a good idea to refresh your memory about window safety so that everyone in your household can celebrate the season without being at risk of injury. For the National…

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Best Windows for the Bathroom

Windows are an essential component of any home; they are our portals to the outside world. Different types of windows control, in varying means and effectiveness, the entrance of light, heat, cold, energy, and visibility. Furthermore, they provide various levels of privacy, create a sense of space, and are integral to creating a specific aesthetic…

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2020 Trends for Home Design & Renovations

A definite trend for 2020 is that people are spending more and more time at home, living as well as working. Therefore, it is essential that homeowners consider the latest and most optimal renovations to their home to create a comfortable and healthy living and work environment. Here at AVI, we have got you covered…

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How Large Scenic Doors Can Enhance the Style and Function of Your Home

An increasing number of homeowners are embracing the indoor/outdoor lifestyle trend and looking to enjoy the beauty of nature right outside their doors. Large scenic doors that lead out onto a back patio, upper-floor balcony, or side porch are wonderful upgrades for a home because they transform your space in an enjoyable and affordable way….

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The Benefits of Natural Lighting & Why We Love Skylights

Have you ever noticed how much more energized and positive you feel after being in natural light versus being stuck under the oppressive artificial lights of an outdated office? Incorporating natural lighting into your home is one of the best things you can do for your health, your wallet, and the overall aesthetics of your…

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Promoting Wellbeing With Accessible Homes

When envisioning the perfect home for their family, Kiley and Jim agreed that accessibility was paramount—access to the outdoors, and access for their daughters, Langley and Boelyn, who have special needs and rely on their wheelchairs to get around. After purchasing a narrow lot in Downers Grove, Illinois, the couple reached out to Chicago-based firm…

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Improve Your Home: 10 Weekend Projects

Improve your home with these 10 incredible home weekend projects. 1. Install beaded boards Beaded boards add a traditional touch to kitchens and bathrooms. Cut holes in the boards or sheets for outlets, phone jacks, and other wall necessities. 2. Add storage to your entry Refashioned furniture can achieve a look that’s stylish and storage-savvy….

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6 Things Everyone Should Do When Moving Into a New House

Use these six useful tips when moving into your new home. From changing the locks to learning about your breaker system, you wont want to miss these.