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The Benefits of Natural Lighting & Why We Love Skylights

Have you ever noticed how much more energized and positive you feel after being in natural light versus being stuck under the oppressive artificial lights of an outdated office? Incorporating natural lighting into your home is one of the best things you can do for your health, your wallet, and the overall aesthetics of your…

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The Importance of Window Insulation & Where to Find the Best Energy-Saving Windows

Insulation is one of the most underrated parts of a home, but it is also one of the most important parts to keep you comfortable and within your budget. Here is an overview of why window insulation is so important all throughout the year and how it can help you conserve energy and save money….

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The Benefits of Large Windows & Popular Large Window Styles for Homes

Household windows come in all shapes and sizes, but there is something to be said for having large windows in your home. There are various large window styles that can complement any style and décor and that are made by top window brands you can trust for quality, beauty and longevity. Read on to learn…

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MODERN by Marvin

AVI is the EXCLUSIVE source for MODERN by Marvin in Georgia! PERFORMANCE Category-Leading Thermal + Structural Performance The unique construction of the Marvin proprietary high-density fiberglass frame offers strength at scale without compromising thermal performance.  The Marvin MODERN standard product exceeds the U Factor standard offerings from competitors. MODERN AESTHETICS Greater Consistency in Sightlines than…

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Introducing MODERN ​​​​​​​by Marvin

Rigid.  Durable.  High-Strength.  Large Glass. Narrow Sightlines. Marvin MODERN is a system of windows, doors and options that enables architects to achieve their vision with pure modern design aesthetics and category-leading performance. Multi-Slide Door Made from a single piece of high-density fiberglass, this proprietary frame from Marvin reimagines what modern windows and doors can do.  Unlike thermally broken…

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Securing Windows

Learn how to safely secure your windows from intruders with these easy, and in depth ideas from better homes and gardens.

Tips for Choosing Efficient Windows

Chances are that the main reason you are replacing your old windows is to upgrade to more energy efficient models.

AVI Wins Best Place to Shop for Windows in Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine

AVI has won “Best Place to Shop for Windows” in the remodeling category by Atlanta Home Improvement Magazine.

Window Designs That Make Small Spaces Feel Big

Cutting down on square footage you don’t really need is a great way to simplify your life and save money, but it comes with certain design challenges. Keep your smart investment feeling bright and comfortable with a window design that helps it seem larger than it really is! Whether your entire home is small or…

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