3 Types of Windows & How Are They Different

By: Architectural Visions

You don’t necessarily have to replace your windows with the same kind. Learn about three of the most common types of windows.

If you have a spot over a kitchen sink, a shower or bath area, or above a bed, a glider can be an excellent choice from the many types of windows available. They slide open from side to side, and Marvin’s are designed to lock automatically when pushed closed. They will not swing out into outdoor patio areas or walkways, making them a safe choice in heavy traffic areas.

These windows swing open with crank operation, or can be pushed open and pulled closed. Casements open wide, to let in a full measure of the breeze. Marvin’s Ultimate Casement also includes a revolutionary wash mode that allows you to turn the exterior of the sash indoors, for safe, convenient cleaning without ladders. Because of the way casements are engineered, they are among the most energy efficient types of windows around.

Double Hung
Thought of as a more traditional window type, double hungs slide open from the top or bottom. Thanks to Marvin’s expert engineering, these windows are easy to open, even in very large sizes thanks to Marvin’s Magnum Double Hung products. Double hungs tilt in easily for easy cleaning.