4 Things To Consider When Choosing Window Styles For Your Home

By: Architectural Visions

1. The Occupants

Consider how your current windows open and close, because you do not have to replace them with the same window styles. Window replacement can give you a chance to make then easier to open. Windows that slide side-to-side, crank or push open can be a good alternative to the traditional double hung the must be lifted to be opened. This is an excellent choice for family members who plan on aging in place or have disabilities.

2. The View

Perhaps the views have changed outside your windows. Adding dividers can be a way to change the view, as well as adding character to your home from the exterior. Adding obscure glass provides complete privacy, but while still allowing in the sunlight. Or perhaps you want to open up your home to bring the outdoors closer.

3. The Traffic Flow

You can choose window styles that work well with the flow of traffic inside or around the exterior of your home. If you have a busy patio or deck area, consider choosing windows that do not swing outward. Another consideration, addressed in many building codes, is emergency egress. This is the planning of escape routes, should your doors be blocked by fire, for example. A window specialist such as AVI can assist in choosing windows that provide adequate egress.

4. The Details

Window replacement gives you a chance to transform the look of your home. Whether you change the interior or exterior finish colors, add grilles, install new shapes, increase the size or add more windows, you are not limited to replacing with exactly the same window styles you currently have.