5 Facts About High Performance Windows From Marvin

By: Architectural Visions

  1. Marvin Windows and Doors offer more than 150,000 options that are ENERGY STAR rated so you don’t have to limit creativity and style to achieve high performance. Marvin is made to order, so while you’re building in the right efficiency options for your climate and location, you can choose from virtually unlimited combinations of styling and details too.

  2. Energy efficiency products have risen in standards in recent years. If your windows are even just 10 years old, there may be much more efficient models available from Marvin. The US Department of Energy says new window may reduce your energy bills 15-20%.

  3. Not all windows are good for all climates. Any company selling one-size-fits-all energy options has missed the boat. Marvin offers ways to tailor your windows to ward off the worst of the Atlanta heat, especially on the sunniest sides of your home where solar heat can make your rooms most uncomfortable.

  4. Marvin’s ultimate in energy efficiency options include tri-pane windows with krypton gas in between the layers of glass. The krypton reduces the windows’ tendency to conduct temperature extremes, and where two layers of glass are better than one; three layers of glass take the insulating ability of windows to new levels.

  5. Not all window styles offer equal efficiency. Marvin’s Ultimate Casements, windows that swing open like a door, can have better efficiency than other styles because they are made with multipoint locks to seal tightly.

    Photo Credit:5 by squidish