About Interior Design: Barbara English Shares Her Insight

By: Architectural Visions

Barbara English About Interior Design

Design Insider Barbara English

AVIew caught up with the busy schedule of design insider Barbara English. Her career has included owning and operating a successful interior design/build company as well as a residential design firm in the Buckhead area of Atlanta. Now at the helm of To The Trade Only, Barbara brings together design trade experts and homeowners fulltime, as well as sitting on the boards of Bauder College of Interior Design and Oz Publications and other economic development groups. Whew! All that said, here’s some design inspiration from one accomplished professional.

AVIew: What is your design philosophy?

B.E. “Great residential design creates an experience. What people really want is to feel good about themselves, the things they choose to surround themselves with and a reflection of who they are. It could mean that their surroundings make them feel safe, they could make them feel luxurious, smart, attractive, responsible, happier, cozy, more functional. Whatever motivates and inspires the client is what creates the demand for design.”

AVIew: How can good design improve a homeowner’s life or enhance their lifestyle?

B.E. “The best design makes you feel good and nothing makes you feel better than not having to be a slave to maintaining what you have created. The other thing that makes you feel good is to know that what you have selected to live with will be there for you over the years with a minimal amount of hassle or potential of replacement. Elements that are chosen well with the homeowner’s lifestyle taken into consideration ensures enjoyment of the space and freedom from time and money being spent on its maintenance. A well designed window or door may cost more initially to install but the long term value it adds brings peace of mind to the homeowner.”

AVIew: Besides curb appeal, how do windows and doors play an important role in home design?

B.E. “Doors and windows serve such an integral functional purpose in home design well beyond their aesthetic value. Controlling light, heat transference, sound and acoustics, security and privacy are important elements in creating a positive environmental experience in any kind of dwelling. Well designed windows and doors are often the visual focal point in any space.

They also can reduce the ambient noise levels from the outside, decrease sun fading of furnishings, assist in maintaining temperature control and provide a barrier to harsh elements or intruders. Because every space has to be maintained, well designed doors and windows can minimise the work load of maintaining a beautiful home. They also assist in the functionality of the space such as enhancing the view or providing ease to access the outdoors during beautiful weather.”

Barbara English, CEO
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