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Tips for Choosing Efficient Windows

Chances are that the main reason you are replacing your old windows is to upgrade to more energy efficient models.

Energy Efficient Window Styles for Your Atlanta Home

Not all windows are created equal. The materials and special insulating glass are fundamental to creating energy efficient window designs, and there’s even a difference between window styles. Starting with the right window material is the first step to increasing energy efficiency. Nature knew what it was doing, because wood is still one of the…

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4 Points to Look for in Eco-Friendly, Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Spring is the greenest time of year, a perfect time to think about energy efficient, green products. Here are 4 points to look for in energy efficient windows and patio doors: What materials are used in the window frames? Energy efficient window manufacturers will be able to show you how much recycled material is used and…

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Vinyl Windows vs Fiberglass Windows: Which is better?

For years vinyl replacement windows were the modern way to update old deteriorated windows. But did you know that for over 15 years, fiberglass windows have been outperforming vinyl windows in every way? Here are some quick facts to consider if you’re shopping for new windows for your home. Fiberglass windows: have a 38% longer…

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Smart Home Technology Choices as Cool as your iPhone

You love your smart phone, your iPad, your cool technology, right? Doesn’t your home call for the same kind of cool? Consider these two tech savvy products that also can add comfort and convenience to your smart home – as well as giving you something to beat your friends’ newest gadgets. NEST Thermostats You might…

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From Spanish Style to Farm House Plans: Marvin Window’s Architect’s Challenge Winners

With home designs ranging from an ultra-contemporary mountain home in Oregon to a classic rural farmhouse in Maine, the winners in this year’s myMarvin Architect’s Challenge cover a wide variety of styles. The Architect’s Challenge is an annual contest held by Marvin Windows and Doors, and this year for the first time, the competition included an…

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Design Trends: 5 Benefits of Sustainable Homes

If you’re drawn to the idea of building or buying a green home, or simply considering greening your current home, here are 5 reasons you’re on the right track.  Sustainable building is better building. Green building follows high standards, usually above existing building code, so your home improvements can have long-lasting, successful outcomes. Green living…

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