Color and Finish Trends for Windows and Doors to Embrace in 2021

By: Architectural Visions

With every new year comes a new opportunity to renew yourself, update your look, and refresh your home too. Designers are excited for 2021 because of all of the emerging trends that promise to make spending time at home more enjoyable.

Here at AVI, there are lots of things we are looking forward to in 2021, especially the colors and materials that are becoming increasingly popular for windows and doors. Here are a few trends to consider incorporating into your house renovation project this year.

Try Dark Colors on Windows and Doors

In recent years, the light colors of Scandinavian minimalism have dominated window and door styles. But in 2021, we’re already seeing a big shift to dark colors to switch things up a bit.

Black windows and doors add subtle dark shades to a room without overwhelming it. They make your outside view look like a work of art and really highlight a house’s architectural details. Also, dark windows and doors will give your home instant curb appeal with a dramatic look that really makes your landscaping and the surrounding nature stand out.

Embrace the Versatile Color Gray

Gray is another wonderful color for 2021 because of its versatility and ability to work with so many other things going on in your home. Gray hues can be as light or as dark as you like them and make matching other colors and styles easy inside your home.

You can embrace gray in 2021 with a gray front door or interior door, or by having gray trim around a sliding patio door or scenic door. Gray trim also looks great on various window styles, including double hung windows and bay and bow windows.

Back to Nature with Natural Wood Stains

In 2021, we are all craving more time outdoors and in the peaceful beauty of nature. You can bring a little bit of the outdoors inside your home with natural wood stains that remind you of the trees in the forest. We are seeing natural wood trends all over the interior design world, from hardwood floors to coffee tables, dining tables, and even windows and doors.

Natural wood stains on windows and doors give your home a rustic, cozy, and natural look that’s inviting and non-fussy. The surfaces of doors and trim around both windows and doors are great places to bring out the natural beauty and texture of wood, regardless of whether you choose mahogany, pine, oak, walnut, or another wood type.

Add Depth with Moody Hues

After the kind of year that many of us experienced in 2020, you might be feeling all sorts of emotions and finding yourself lost in your own feelings sometimes. Reflect uplifting moods in your home design with sensitive colors to help you feel right at home with the changing times.

Moody hues include dark blues, light pink blush tones, hunter green, and deep red. Anything that inspires a strong emotion in you is a great choice for home colors in 2021. You can complement the moody design of your windows and doors with other interior design accents too, such as candles, floral wallpaper, and unconventional mirrors.

Your Choice Between Fiberglass and Steel

There are two different materials trending for doors right now in 2021: fiberglass and steel. Both of these materials are great choices and have pros and cons, so the decision is really up to you.

Front entry doors made of fiberglass have a long lifespan, are energy-efficient, can be painted in themed moody hues for 2021, and can feature various grains for a natural look. Meanwhile, steel entry doors are very secure, more affordable, and they might even give you a better resale value on your home. Both of these material options are trending over standard wood because they are user-friendly, versatile, and low-maintenance.

Make a Statement with Matte Black Hardware

For windows and doors, you have a lot of hardware options to choose from, such as oil-rubbed bronze, white, and pewter. But for 2021, consider going matte black with your hardware to make a bold statement and embrace the dark trend.

Matte black works great with many different colors and really makes your fixtures look sharp and fresh. Better yet, you can make matte black hardware work well with many different home styles, such as modern, farmhouse, or industrial.

 Lots of Natural Light

Another way to invite more of the outside world into your home is to have windows and doors that let in lots of natural light. This is a big design trend for 2021, especially as we spend more time at home and do professional work, school assignments, and hobbies here.

Try eliminating barriers between the inside and outside with awning windows that are hinged at the top. Sliding patio doors are also great for adding natural light to a room and bridging the gap between the indoors and outdoors.

But don’t limit yourself to just the walls to get the natural light you crave. Skylights are also ideal for letting the light inside while reducing your energy costs.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Materials

The sustainability trend continues on from 2020 and into 2021 as homeowners become increasingly aware of their environmental impact and the condition of the planet. For example, when upgrading your windows and doors, you might choose wood that is sourced from sustainable practices to reduce your home’s impact on forests.

Another way to keep the environment in mind during your renovation project is to choose window and door frames that are highly energy efficient so that you aren’t wasting energy on excess heating and cooling. Insulated glass and Low-E glass with low solar heat gain can make your windows eco-friendlier, while doors made with recycled steel and energy efficient fiberglass doors are eco-friendly options too.

We hope that this blog has inspired you to try some 2021 design trends for your home and refresh your space in a way that brings you joy. For all things windows and doors, AVI is the name to know in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.