A Homeowner’s Guide to Corner Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Weather Shield premium corner windows

Corner windows can instantly transform a home’s interior and exterior aesthetic. They are a way to make a stunning visual statement and unify the indoors and outdoors. Corner windows will make a room feel significantly larger while highlighting the outdoor landscape and maximizing the natural light in the room. To learn more about corner windows, read on to find out how your home could benefit from this unique window style.

Key takeaways of corner windows:

  • Corner windows are two windows that meet in the corner of the room and maximize the amount of natural light a space receives.
  • Corner windows work well in different styles of homes and are known for their minimal aesthetic.
  • Corner windows are versatile by room type and are ideal for living rooms, dining rooms, and sunrooms.
  • Because of the size and shape of corner windows, a professional should complete the installation.

What is a corner window?

Corner windows are when two window sashes, the frame that holds the window, meet in the corner of the room. Installing windows where the walls typically meet results in incomparable views of the outdoors and allows natural light to fill the space. Corner windows come in different shapes and styles to seamlessly integrate with your home’s architectural style and will make the room look highly customized.

What is the design aesthetic of a corner window?

Corner windows can work with different design styles. They are often used in modern home designs because of their vast expanse and clean, minimal aesthetic. Corner windows are also perfect for homes with stunning outdoor views, as they showcase the panoramic views from all angles of the room. Corner windows work equally as well in traditional home design. Adding muntins, also known as window grilles, will give the windows a more traditional feel.

Corner window design ideas

Bedroom corner window

Having a corner window in the bedroom allows you to wake up surrounded by natural light, which can offer health and mood-boosting benefits.

Living room corner window

A corner window in your home’s primary gathering room can make you feel like you’re outdoors when you’re indoors, creating an indoor-outdoor living effect.

Dining room corner window

A corner window in the dining room can create a backdrop to help you feel like you’re dining under the moonlight.

Sunroom corner window

While sunrooms are known for wall-to-wall windows, installing corner windows will maximize the natural light that floods the room.

Pros and Cons of Corner Windows

Pros of corner windows

  • Makes a first impression: A corner window creates an instant first impression because of its vast expanse and panoramic views.
  • Maximizes the amount of natural light: A corner window allows the maximum amount of natural light to fill a room, creating a mood-boosting effect and reducing the need for overhead lighting. A naturally bright room can also help a space feel larger.
  • Creates an indoor-outdoor living effect: Corner windows unite the home’s interior to the outdoors because of the panoramic views they provide. The outdoor scenery instantly becomes the focal point of the room.
  • Acts as a versatile design element: A corner window will work in any room where you crave more natural light and views of the outdoors.
  • Can increase a home’s value: New windows are known for boosting a home’s value, as well as adding to its curb appeal.

Cons of corner windows

  • Financial investment: Because of their custom shape and unique design, corner windows can be a higher financial investment than other window styles.
  • Requires additional maintenance: Corner windows offer expansive panoramic views, which means they have larger panes of glass. The more glass a window surface has, the more dust, debris, and fingerprints will collect.

Installing corner windows

The window installation process should be left up to a professional regardless of the window type. However, having corner windows professionally installed is especially important. This is because of their expansive size and shape.

If you’re ready to install custom corner windows in your home, work with a professional to help you navigate the design and installation process by contacting the experts at AVI. AVI is your one-stop shop for all types of windows, with in-person and online service options. Please don’t hesitate to contact us online or come by one of our locations and let us help you!