Emerging 2022 Window Trends

By: Architectural Visions

As 2022 unfolds, the year’s window trends have become an integral part of new construction, remodels, and window replacement projects. New windows can help your home feel and look current and add to its overall value. Read on for 2022’s trending window designs and emerging window trends.

Key takeaways of emerging 2022 window trends:

  • Black windows are still a versatile option that suits a wide array of home architecture styles
  • Natural light is a must have for many homeowners. Selecting the right windows can help promote natural light.
  • Window seating and bay windows are a great way to bring unused space to life.
  • Selecting the right windows can help create a great indoor-outdoor living experience for homeowners.
  • Custom window designs are a great way for existing homeowners to update their existing homes.
  • Window treatments are a great way to personalize windows and help them stand out.
Marvin Modern Black Frame Large Casement Windows

Marvin Modern Black Frame Large Casement Windows

Versatile black windows

Black windows have been trending for several years, and they continue to be a top pick. While black frame windows date several centuries back, they are still a classic pick that is currently trending. Black windows look as stunning on a contemporary home as a modern farmhouse or a brick Colonial-style house.

Windows that accentuate natural light

Natural light tops many homeowner’s must-have list. The best way to maximize the amount of natural light in a home is through strategically selected windows. Picture windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, bay windows and sliding doors are all excellent options to let ample light shine through the house. Ensuring that the furniture or window treatments don’t interfere with the view will provide the maximum amount of sunlight that shines through. Windows, such as Marvin Elevate windows, strike the perfect balance of beauty and strength, allowing the outdoors to shine in.

Window seat to maximize seating options

Bay windows are the perfect complement to a window seat. Window seats can turn unused space into seating and lounging options, and bay windows can create a sun-drenched nook to curl up and read a book or nap. A bay window with a picture window flanked by two casement windows allows ample sunlight to shine through, and the casement windows provide a nice breeze in warmer weather.

Creating an indoor-outdoor living experience

Indoor-outdoor living tops many homeowners’ must-have lists. It’s a way to extend your interior square footage, expand your entertainment space and take advantage of nice weather. One way to accomplish this is by installing a counter window, which creates a way to pass food and beverages from the kitchen to the outside patio. A casement window or a sliding window are great options for counter windows.

Special shape windows in cabin

Custom Marvin Special Shape Windows in Cabin

Custom window designs

In a low-inventory real estate market, many homeowners have the option to update or remodel their existing home. One way to make a home feel special and unique is to incorporate custom windows into the design. Custom made-to-order windows, such as Marvin Signature – Ultimate windows are based on a homeowner’s individual preferences and vision and offer extensive customization options and versatility.

Window treatment trends

Window treatments can act as the jewelry of your window. Patterned and colored window treatments make a space feel unique and help the windows stand out.

Automated window treatments are another window treatment trend and give you control over the level of natural light you let in. In addition, automated window treatments let you sync multiple window treatments and allow you to control them on your smartphone.

If you prefer to let the outdoors be your background, neutral window treatments will provide the privacy and coverage you need while allowing the outdoors to be the main focal point. Earth-toned window treatments will blend into the background and help you feel connected to the outdoors while providing your home with the necessary window coverage.

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