Features of Marvin’s Double Hung Windows

By: Architectural Visions

Marvin Double Hung Windows Insert InstallationThink all double hung windows are the same? Learn how Marvin’s double hungs embody 100 years of window-making excellence.

From the start, Marvin makes their double hung windows to order according to careful measurements taken by their expert dealers, so windows fit the opening snuggly. Made-to-order windows also allow for design flexibility because you can add just the right features and options that give your windows the look you want and the functionality you need.

As a made-to-order window, Marvin is also well-known for making double hung windows that fit historical details to a tee. From round tops to historic hardware, they’re used in some of America’s best loved historic structures.

Marvin is famous for artfully crafting windows from genuine, responsibly harvested woods such as Douglas Fir, Pine, Cherry, or White Oak. Even more impressive, you can choose an exterior that looks like a painted wood window, but is made from aluminum cladding so tough it won’t warp or dent, lasting for decades. And thanks to the industry-leading finish, it never fades or needs painting.

Though Marvin double hung windows feature aesthetics good enough for the discerning architect, they are also engineered to standards that ensure their long life and excellent energy efficiency.

Marvin’s double hungs are easy to live with. The exclusive lever lock that’s built into each window permits you to tilt in or completely remove the sash for convenient cleaning.