Get in on the Black Trim Window Trend

By: Architectural Visions

While black trim windows are currently trending, appearing on many new construction homes and remodels, they have been around for more than a century. They originally appeared in the late 1800s and have stood the test of time. Black windows bring a sense of drama and sophistication to a house and look equally stunning on an industrial-style home as they do on a 100-year old home.

Key takeaways:

  • Black steel windows are a trend revival that can make your home feel more current and are an excellent way to marry the indoors with the outdoors.
  • Black steel windows come in various styles, such as casement windows, double hung windows and floor to ceiling windows.
  • Black steel windows work on various home styles, from contemporary to farmhouse. They create a focal point on every home style.
  • Black steel windows are incredibly durable and reinforced, while aluminum windows are lightweight and low-maintenance, and fiberglass windows are known for being energy-efficient.

Why choose black windows?

Black windows are eye-catching and can become the home’s focal point. This trend revival can make your home feel more current and is an excellent way to marry the indoors with the outdoors. They create a stunning contrast, and can help improve a home’s curb appeal. Additionally, black windows often don’t need window treatments, saving you the cost of expensive window coverings.

If you’re craving more simplicity in your home design, black windows are associated with clean lines and are often large and have expansive views of the outdoors. However, when black steel windows are paired with neutral walls and a white exterior, it creates a dramatic, stunning contrast. From the inside, black windows highlight the outdoors, and from the exterior, black windows can accentuate the home’s window style.

Types of black windows

Like a traditional white trim window, black windows come in various styles. Below are some of the most common window styles

  • Black steel casement windows: Casement windows have a side hinge and can be installed as a single frame or in a pair.
  • Black double-hung window: A double-hung window has two operable sashes that slide up and down. Both the top and bottom sash open to provide ventilation.
  • Black floor-to-ceiling windows: Floor-to-ceiling windows are a focal point of a room and frame the view of the outdoors. These work exceptionally well to highlight an exterior view of a garden, body of water, mountains, or other picturesque types of landscape.

Black windows and different home styles

Black steel windows work on various home styles, from contemporary to farmhouse. Below are several different home styles and why black steel windows will create a stunning focal point.

  • Modern farmhouse: A white modern farmhouse style home creates color contrast and makes the windows stand out. Black double-hung windows with either white or black trim create a beautiful focal point against the light-colored siding and can even create the appearance of art.
  • Brick colonial: A red brick Colonial style home with black windows brings a contemporary edge to a classic red brick. It is a look that is also reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century urban dwelling.
  • Coastal stone home: Black steel windows bring contrast in material and color to a traditional coastal-style home. The black windows offer a sleek juxtaposition to natural stone, creating an interesting visual balance.
  • Dark, mid-century modern: Black windows don’t always need to be paired with lighter colors. Pairing black windows with dark siding results in a tonal, dramatic look. Combining two dark colors, whether the siding is an opaque charcoal color or a deep navy, creates an ultra-sophisticated look.

Steel trim windows or alternative materials?

If you’re looking to install black replacement windows, there are several different materials to consider, in addition to steel.

  • Black steel windows are incredibly durable and reinforced. They are difficult to break, which results in increased security. Because of their strength, you can build an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. This strength affords steel windows to have a sleek, slim look. However, steel windows don’t have the best insulation, making it challenging to keep the heat inside during the colder months.
  • Aluminum windows resist corrosion and even offer antibacterial properties. They are lightweight, low-maintenance and easy to clean. However, aluminum windows lack insulation properties. Aluminum windows offer the same contemporary lines as steel windows.
  • Vinyl windows can expand and contract due to fluctuating temperatures, shortening their lifespan. The color can also fade, which will lessen the visual impact of the black windows over time. Vinyl windows also lack the sleekness that steel windows exude.
  • Fiberglass windows are durable and strong — stronger than vinyl and wood. This means that fiberglass window frames can hold larger pieces of glass for dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows. Fiberglass windows are also energy-efficient and are made to withstand extreme temperatures. Fiberglass windows won’t expand or contract, and they keep the cold air in during the summer months and keep the heat in during the winter months. While fiberglass shouldn’t be painted, they are available in black.

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