Home Safety: National Window Safety Awareness Week

By: Architectural Visions

Infinity from Marvin Replacement WindowsWe may think of windows in terms of sunshine, fresh air and energy efficiency, but windows are an important mechanical part of our homes and play a vital role in our safety. Here are some points to keep in mind when shopping for windows and determining window safety.

Windows as Emergency Exits
In the event of an emergency or fire, windows can be our best or only escape route. Did you know that your local building codes are designed to ensure an escape route should your doors be blocked by fire? Egress is a term applied to windows that open wide enough to allow escape during fire. When you build a new home or plan a major renovation, these codes must be met on the plans. Window specialists, such as the consultants at AVI can advise builder and architects on how to best meet there requirements for window safety without compromising the design.

Locks for Maintaining Security
Windows with good locks can keep out intruders better. When it comes to security, not all windows are alike. Some windows and patio doors have only one place where the lock engages the frame. Marvin windows and doors feature multipoint locking, ensuring windows and doors are secure. In addition, these advanced locking systems enhance energy efficiency.

Keeping Loved Ones Safe
It’s also important to safeguard against falls. Where children have access to windows, and often where dictated by building codes, you can get windows and doors with sash limiters. These accessories can be applied to windows to limit the opening size, keeping your children safe and sound. Not all window brands offer these features, so ask a reputable retailer such as a Marvin Design Gallery for details.

Learn more about window safety at the National Safety Council website.