How Commercial Windows Can Instantly Transform a Building

By: Architectural Visions

Across all industries, commercial buildings need to convey a certain image to help people understand what types of businesses they contain and then be best served by those companies. Whether it’s a business looking for a sleek and corporate feel, a hospital going for a modern and clean look, or a college or high school designing for a sophisticated aesthetic, achieving any desired look is possible when selecting the correct style of window.

Here’s how the right kind of windows can transform any commercial building to give you the functional and beautiful type of space you’re looking for.

Windows for Commercial Office Buildings

Business offices have a professional and impressive appearance that exudes confidence for clients, colleagues, and customers. You can make commercial windows well-suited for a business environment by choosing styles that feature tempered glass that is very durable and adding more window panes. Compared to all-glass windows, windows with more panes provide greater insulation from noise and heat to help employees concentrate and be productive. Security is very important to businesses, so look for commercial building windows for sale that are resistant to impacts and shattering.

Since employees inside will often be working on computers, it is common for commercial windows in business offices to be tinted and have a reflective coating to reduce glare and help employees be more comfortable. Businesses often choose Low E coated glass to effectively block out the heat of the sun while also allowing natural light to come inside to energize employees.

Windows for Medical Buildings

Comfort is paramount for windows in hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and other medical buildings. Not only do patients need to be kept safe and comfortable while under medical care, but their privacy and personal information also needs to be protected at all times.

Medical offices use various types of windows both outside of their buildings and inside the various rooms. For exterior windows, studies suggest that there are significant benefits for increasing access to natural light, such as reduced patient stays, improved job satisfaction among staff, improved overall moods, and reduced energy costs. However, there are still needs for solar shades on medical building windows to decrease cooling costs, help patients rest, and provide privacy when needed.

Windows for Educational Institutions

Educational institutions, such as high schools, colleges, and universities, maintain a sophisticated and academic presence that is exhibited in their buildings’ architecture and design. A school can instantly appear more prestigious with the right set of windows installed.

School safety is on the mind of all students, parents, and teachers these days, which is why shatterproof and ballistic-resistant school building windows features are popular in case of forced entry or an intruder. Meanwhile, school building windows can provide good ventilation so that they can be opened to let the fresh air in on nice weather days. Especially for schools that accommodate younger students, school building windows should be easy to clean after being touched and fingerprints left behind.

Other Commercial Building Windows

Of course, there are many other types of commercial buildings and commercial window needs across our service area in addition to these examples. For example, local commercial buildings also accommodate hotels, multi-family apartments, industrial operations, and retail spaces. The needs of each commercial building are unique, so we’re here to help walk you through the window selection process and ensure that your windows are up to the required building codes and look great to everyone who sees them while passing by.

Commercial Windows for Sale in the Southeast

AVI is much more than just a window and door supplier; we’re a team of experts committed to helping you get your commercial project done right and on time. To help you create an ideal commercial space, we offer installation with a warranty, waterproofing, engineering assistance, and shop drawings. We handle the products, service, and expertise all under one roof, as well as post-sales field service to guarantee our work and quality assurance through jobsite visits and onsite training. Better yet, we have commercial windows for sale to suit a wide range of budgets so you won’t be stuck paying for more than what you need or disappointed by what you get.

To get inspired for your commercial windows project, check out our commercial photo gallery that features projects at St. Luke’s, Berry College, Safe Systems, Inc., and other commercial properties. We have multiple locations throughout the Southeast in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, so give us a call at 678-297-1111 or 615-712-6498 to get started!