How Large Scenic Doors Can Enhance the Style and Function of Your Home

By: Architectural Visions

An increasing number of homeowners are embracing the indoor/outdoor lifestyle trend and looking to enjoy the beauty of nature right outside their doors. Large scenic doors that lead out onto a back patio, upper-floor balcony, or side porch are wonderful upgrades for a home because they transform your space in an enjoyable and affordable way.

Here’s how large sliding doors can enhance the style and function of your home and the best types of scenic doors to choose from.

Types of Large Scenic Doors

Scenic sliding doors are practical in terms of design and also beautiful elements that add character and charm to any space. These home features bring the outdoors in, the indoors out, and connect you more deeply with your environment. There are many types of doors to choose from, including these great options that we offer at AVI Windows & Doors.

Multi-Slide Doors

Marvin Multi-Slide doors open to big views and vast landscapes, with easy access between your indoor and outdoor worlds. These doors come with up to six panels in bi-parting or unidirectional layouts. They also have options for either stacked or pocket operation. This means that your door panels can either stack to the side or slide into wall pockets for an easy transition into the outdoors.

You have a lot of choices for operating configurations with these doors, as well as exterior and interior finishes, hardware, glass, screens, and casings. Home automation features are also an option to keep your home safe and give you peace of mind. Many homeowners choose this door for back patios that lead out to outdoor dining areas and backyards.

Lift and Slide Doors

The Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide door is a great choice to highlight expansive views that you can’t get enough of. They are available in large sizes up to 50 feet wide to let in an amazing amount of sunlight and truly let you see the beauty that surrounds you. These doors are available with various panel configurations and can have either pocket or stacked operational features.

Marvin Bi-Fold Doors

Another great option for scenic doors is the Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold door, which can offer even bigger views, if you can believe it! These impressive doors are available in widths up to 55 feet, making it one of the widest panel doors in the industry. Choose this door to soak in the panoramic views from your home with more glass than many other options and a clean design aesthetic you’ll love.

Western Window Systems Scenic Doors

Western Window Systems also makes some remarkable scenic doors that seamlessly blend the outdoors with the indoors of your home. Glass walls are an option if you’re looking for a slim profile and unobstructed views. Alternatively, Western Window Systems’ bi-fold doors are strong, built to last, and very energy efficient.

How Your Lifestyle Influences Your Door Choice

The best type of scenic door for your home depends on what activities you enjoy, where your home is situated, and how you entertain guests. For example, if you have kids and pets that love to play in the backyard, you’ll likely choose the most durable and easy-to-clean scenic doors available so that you can enjoy them for many years to come. If most of your outside time revolves around hosting dinner parties with groups of friends, you might choose more design-focused scenic doors with elegant touches that your guests will appreciate.

Meanwhile, homeowners who are committed to living eco-friendly lifestyles often choose the most energy-efficient scenic sliding doors on the market to conserve resources. Energy-efficient scenic doors have the added benefit of saving you money on your monthly utility bills because they are a natural heat source on cold days, a natural cooling source to let fresh air inside on warm days, and a natural light source to help you limit your electricity usage.

The Style Versatility of Scenic Sliding Doors

Although scenic doors may be considered contemporary, they can be used on any style of home and add an element of beauty to any design scheme. Whether your home has an ultra-modern, traditional country, rustic natural, or historic colonial look, scenic doors are inviting and enhance your view. Of course, this is ideal if your sliding doors look out onto a vast landscape with stunning terrain. But it’s also worth having large scenic doors if your view is your neighbor’s yard across the street so you can admire your landscaping, see the sunrises and sunsets, and watch thunderstorms from the safety and comfort of your home.

Scenic patio doors also help you maximize your inside space as well as your outdoor space. As opposed to standard doors that swing inwards and make small spaces feel cramped, sliding patio doors don’t take up any valuable space around them, which leaves you more decorating possibilities and makes your walkways easier to navigate.

Elevate Your Indoor-Outdoor Living Experience

If you would love to spend more time in the great outdoors without traveling very far, then scenic sliding doors are a great option. They are a way to elevate your home’s sense of space and aesthetic and help you make the most of your entire property. With scenic doors on your home, you don’t always need to pack up and drive to the park or hiking trail to enjoy a beautiful day. Simply step outside your door when you feel like having a picnic, playing a game, reading a book, or listening to the chirping neighborhood birds.

Scenic sliding doors are a valuable year-around investment and not just nice to have on days with pleasant weather. They allow natural sunlight to come inside your home in a way that standard windows simply can’t. Not only does natural sunlight make your home more aesthetically pleasing, but it also has health benefits for boosting your mood, keeping you energized, and helping you maintain good sleep-wake cycles.

Get Expert Help with Choosing Scenic Doors

If you are feeling inspired to get some scenic doors of your own installed in your home, AVI Windows & Doors can help. We are your local door experts, and we specialize in providing you with the very best scenic door products from the top brands.

We understand that choosing large scenic doors can be a complex and confusing process, but we’ll walk you through the options and installation process so you’ll be enjoying an enhanced outdoor/indoor lifestyle in no time at all. Contact us for a no-obligation free in-home consultation to get the professional advice you need, and we’ll be happy to make an appointment with you.