How Special Shape Windows Can Add a Unique Touch to Any Room

By: Architectural Visions

We often think of windows and doors as simple squares and rectangles, but there’s a whole world of possibilities for creative homeowners looking to step outside the box and experiment. AVI offers special shape windows that go beyond your typical window look and offer you a unique way to accent your home.

Here is some information about special shape windows and how you can incorporate them into your home for a truly distinctive design.

Complement Oddly Shaped Walls

One great reason to add special windows to a room is to reflect and accommodate oddly shaped walls. After all, if your walls aren’t traditionally shaped, then your windows certainly don’t have to be either! You can install a uniquely shaped window on the exterior or the interior of a wall while still prioritizing high-quality materials and energy efficiency.

Increase the Aesthetic Appeal of a Dull Space

However, you don’t necessarily need to have oddly shaped walls or rooms to embrace the design aesthetic of special shape windows. In fact, odd shape windows are a great way to liven up an otherwise-boring room and give it some much-needed character and personality.

Make a Bold Design Statement

Regardless of why you choose a special shape window, it is sure to make a statement and bring interest and intrigue to any space. This is a great way to express your artistic side and catch your guests off-guard with something unexpected. Special windows instantly create a focal point in a room and make a space more dramatic.

Geometric Shapes for Special Windows

With the Marvin specialty shape windows we offer, there are hundreds of geometric shapes to choose from. Some common choices are trapezoids, octagons, pentagons, and triangles. Other options include round top, eyebrow, half ellipse, and full round window shapes. These odd shape windows often have a modern look, but they also work well with rustic décor, in quaint and cozy spaces, and in mountain homes with amazing landscape views.

Functionality of Odd Shape Windows

Special windows can be as ornamental or as functional as you like, which is important to remember when you’re working with our experts. Stationary units are available, as well as special shape windows with sashes and operability to match your total window package. For example, we love the Marvin Pivot window in an oval or circle shape with a sash that opens smoothly a full 90 degrees. Meanwhile, some special shape windows are available with coastal and hurricane certifications up to IZ4 so you won’t be sacrificing safety for design.

Special Window Design Patterns

When you trust us with your window needs, the sky’s the limit with design patterns for your customized special windows. You’ll love our uniquely shaped windows available with grille or multiple divided lite patterns with bars that are adhered to both sides of the glass for durability and a beautiful look.

For homeowners interested in special window shapes, we offer a complete window solution with onsite measurements, free consultations, and warranty-backed installation. Contact us to have us come out to your home for a consultation, or meet us at one of our seven showrooms to see special shape window samples and find one you love!