How Weather in the Southeast Affects Windows and Doors

By: Architectural Visions

Every region of the country has its own unique weather patterns and types of adverse conditions that cause headaches for homeowners. In our home regions of Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, we are commonly faced with high humidity, heavy rain, strong winds, scorching temperatures and those occasional winter storms that catch us off-guard. Not only can these natural occurrences disrupt daily life, but they can also result in significant damage costs to take care of home repairs.

Key takeaways on how Southeast weather affects windows and doors

  • Humidity can cause sticky doors, peeling paint, excessive condensation, and expanded wood.
  • Heavy rain and thunderstorms can cause damage glass on windows and doors.
  • High summer temperatures can cause doors and windows to warp and wear down.
  • Tornadoes and high winds have the potential to shatter windows and damage doors.
  • Ice can form on storm windows in the winter due to leaky windows. It is important to insulate your windows before the first ice of winter.
  • While initial cost may deter you from upgrading windows and doors, it is always cheaper to take preventative measures rather than reactive measures. New windows and doors may save you money in the long run.

These are some of the unique weather issues that affect our customers and how AVI products can provide protection from whatever Mother Nature throws our way.

Humidity Concerns

In the Southeast, we are certainly no stranger to humid summer days that make sweat stick on your skin, hair frizz up, and temperatures feel hotter than they really are. Humid conditions can make doors and windows stick and not open and close properly. Humidity can also cause a door or window frame’s paint to feel sticky, create excessive window condensation, and cause wood features to expand.

Heavy Rain and Thunderstorm Damage

Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee also tend to see heavy rains during the year, sometimes accompanied by strong thunderstorms and hail that cause house damage. Glass on windows must be able to withstand hard rains without leaking or breaking under pressure. After strong storms, it may be necessary to replace storm windows and shutters if they are damaged.

High Temperature Concerns

During the summer months in our region, it is not uncommon for temperatures to reach the 100-degree mark and send us seeking the comfort of indoor air conditioning. Extreme temperature changes can cause doors and windows to warp and wear down the weather stripping around them. Weathered windows and doors are less energy efficient, which means that you will have to pay more for your heating and air conditioning bills in order to be comfortable in your home.

Tornadoes and High Wind Damage

Unfortunately, people in the Southeast have seen their fair share of tornados and home damage caused by high winds over the years. Powerful tornados have the potential to damage even the highest quality windows and doors. Patio doors, for example, are particularly susceptible to these strong forces of nature. Depending on how strong the winds are, homeowners in the Southeast may need to replace windows and doors after storms like these.

At AVI Windows & Doors, we carry products that are specifically made to withstand the challenging weather conditions we’ve come to know and expect in the Southeast. For example, our Marvin impact-resistant windows are designed to take hard hits from hurricanes and tornadoes and are tested and certified for cyclic pressure, heavy rain, and energy efficiency. These windows feature multi-layer laminated glass to reinforce the window and protect it from flying debris. Marvin’s IZ windows are ideal for coastal homes because they provide continuous protection without needing to invest in special shutters or tape the glass.

Occasional Ice Storms

While we don’t see the epic blizzards of the Northeast and Midwest, winter ice storms strike our region and take their toll on both our driving commutes and our houses. Ice often forms on storm windows in the winter because air is leaking out around it. This is why it’s important to properly insulate your windows during the winter or invest in new energy efficient windows before the first ice storm of the season strikes.

How Homeowners Can Protect Their Assets

We can only predict the weather to a certain extent, and there’s very little we can do to prevent it. But what you can prevent is unnecessary damage to your home due to a storm or extreme weather pattern.

If the fixtures of your home are old or have become weathered over time, now might be an ideal time to invest in a new high-quality door, windows, or skylight that can withstand adverse weather better than what you have now. While you may be hesitant to upgrade because of the initial cost, it is almost always more affordable to choose a preventative strategy rather than a reactive one to repair damages after they happen.

AVI Windows & Doors

When the weather wears away your window settings, door frames or skylight barriers, AVI is here to help you rebuild your home’s structure and make it even stronger for the next inevitable round of storms. We serve multiple communities in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, and understand how our regional weather patterns affect homes better than anyone else in the industry.

To learn more, you can schedule a visit to our showroom to see the many options of windows and doors we have available and meet with our experts for tips and advice. We encourage you to ask our experts any questions you have about what to look for in quality windows and doors, as well as what your home needs to be resilient when faced with bad weather. We’d be happy to come to your home for a free, no-obligation consultation, so contact us today to get on our schedule!