Indoor Skylights: Five Inspiration Examples That Could Brighten Your Living Space

By: Architectural Visions

Skylight windows can completely change the outlook of a room. By opening up the space,  allowing a considerable amount of natural lighting inside and adding exterior architectural details, skylight windows can bring a fresh approach to your home. Read on for skylight window inspiration to refer to when you’re ready to install these unique windows in your own home.

Key takeaways for indoor skylights:

  • Skylight windows can be one of the best sources of natural light. They are typically installed on an inclined roof to admit light into the room.
  • Installing skylight windows should be done by a professional
  • Skylights can turn an unused corner of your home into a cozy corner used for reading, lounging, work, homework, or napping.
  • Skylights can offer the benefits of natural lighting while still staying indoors.
  • When the sun sets earlier in the winter, skylights can help maximize this natural light period. Skylights can also help save on your electricity and heating bills.

About skylight windows

Skylight windows can be one of the best sources of natural light. They are typically installed on an inclined roof to admit light into the room. Skylight windows are an excellent way to supplement natural lighting in a room that is already filled with windows, as well as to allow light into rooms where you need more privacy. Installing a skylight in bathroom with no windows will bring in plenty of natural light, while offering you the privacy you need.

How to install skylights

Installing skylight windows should be done by a professional. Skylights are installed on the roof by stripping the shingles in the immediate area. Obtaining several quotes before beginning your project will help you choose the best installer for your needs. In addition, contacting the window experts at AVI will ensure your window installation is done professionally and effectively. AVI specializes in the Marvin Awaken Skylight, which was built to harness light and air in new ways. This smart skylight window is the first to offer built in, tunable lighting that mimics the ideal color temperature of natural light to provide the right light at the right time. It’s unique, connected features make it easy to live better.

Where to install skylights

Skylights can seamlessly integrate into any above-ground room of the house that has roof access. Skylights can transform an existing space, and are an excellent architectural detail to include during new construction. Below are some of the top places to install skylights, and the best reasons to do so.

In an unoccupied corner

If you have an unoccupied corner of your home, installing skylights is an excellent way to create usable space. Arranging comfortable chairs, a small table and bookshelves creates a cozy corner to read and lounge, while also benefiting from the sun’s warm rays.

Marvin skylights

Marvin Skylights offer plenty of natural light while staying in the comfort of the indoors.

To create a sun-drenched breakfast nook

Waking up to natural light is one of the best ways to start your day. Installing skylights in your breakfast area or kitchen allows you to soak in the benefits of the sunshine as you prepare for your day.

Marvin skylights in a kitchen

Skylights set the background for you and your family to enjoy your first cup of coffee and breakfast in a sun-soaked space.

To add architectural detail

Skylights add architectural detail to your exterior. Since skylights are installed on the roof, they add visual interest to an otherwise standard roof.

Farm house with marvin skylights

This modern farmhouse-style home is accented by skylights.

To extend your daylight hours

During the winter months when the days are shorter, skylights can help maximize these fewer hours of sunlight and highlight the moon’s light.

Marvin skylights in kitchen

Even after the sun sets, skylights can help illuminate a room with the moonlight.

Can result in energy savings

Since skylights bring in so much additional natural light, you can reduce your interior lighting and electricity consumption. The natural light will also help reduce your heating bills. Even during bitterly cold days, the sunlight will help warm the space.

Marvin skylights in a kitchen setting

Skylights reduce the need for artificial interior lighting, and you can lower your heating bills

AVI Window & Doors

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