Integrity Windows: 5 Benefits of Marvin’s Integrity Brand

By: Architectural Visions

You may be new to the idea of fiberglass windows, so here’s a quick primer on the fine points of these high-performers that make vinyl windows as modern as a black and white TV. Discover Integrity windows and doors.


1.       Integrity’s Been In the Works for 100 Years – Integrity windows are made by Marvin®, a company with 100 years of experience in understanding that windows and doors are an integral and complex part of a building. They have the knowhow, technology, and values that ensure superior quality.
2.       State of the Art and Backed by an Impressive Track Record – While the idea of a fiberglass window may be news, Integrity has actually been proving its worth in homes just like yours for almost 2 decades. And given the Marvin and Integrity traditions of learning and improving, those years have ensured the best possible product in its class. Integrity has a 38% greater life expectancy than vinyl windows.
3.        The Insider’s Choice – Builders have a deeper understanding of the value and performance windows and doors need to provide. And the last thing a builder wants is a call from a former customer. Green experts and top builders who do their homework and refuse to compromise prefer Integrity windows for their features, quality, and lasting performance.
4.       Ultrex® Fiberglass – the main secret to Integrity’s success is Ultrex, a unique pultruded fiberglass that’s strong as steel and 8 times more rigid than vinyl. It’s also 4 times stronger than other composite windows, which are made with wood pulp fillers. This ensures a solid window that stays sealed tight, for energy efficiency and long lasting operation.
5.    A Solid Finish – To make Integrity beautiful, it’s given an acrylic finish, which meets the highest industry standards. For you, it means never having to paint and enjoying the fade-resistant good look for decades – even in the darkest colors.

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