Simulated Check Rails

By: Architectural Visions

Regarding the diverse range of window options that homeowners have to choose from when considering renovations or replacements, there will always be advantages and disadvantages to each style of window. This plus/minus, function versus aesthetic dynamic, is certainly true when weighing whether a double hung or casement window option is right for your next window installation/replacement.

Both styles indeed carry several advantages, and you’ll want to consider these in the context of your needs and desires for your home project. However, with the innovation of simulated check rails, homeowners now have the option of enjoying the functional aspects of a casement window and the pleasing aesthetic of a double hung window.

Here at AVI, we have all the expertise and knowledge to guide you on how simulated check rails can allow you to enjoy the benefits of both window styles and help you decide whether this option is right for your next home window installation/replacement.

What are Simulated Check Rails?

Simply put, a simulated check or grid rail is a thick, single horizontal grille or divided lite that can be added to a casement window to mimic the look of a double hung window.

Why do this, though? This innovation helps level the aesthetic/functionality dynamic between the two types of windows. Casement windows are a popular choice for windows because they offer high grade structural performance, improved levels of energy efficiency, smaller egress-appropriate unit sizes for security, and more daylight viewing area. On the other hand, casement windows tend to have a rather plain appearance by design. Double hung windows designs, however, tend to be more aesthetically pleasing and can be fit into more home styles with various check and grid rails.

Functionality of a Casement, Appeal of a Double Hung

By adding a simulated check or grid rail to a casement window, you can keep the classic, more stylistic design of the double hung window but keep all the functional benefits of the casement window, especially if something like meeting egress is a concern for you. A simulated check rail innovation also does not require a complete tear out.

So now with all the functional perks of a casement window, you’ll be able to enjoy the more dynamic stylings of a double hung, such as colonial grid tops and bottoms, top only, standard, custom and v-groove, for example.

As stated before, you’ll need to consider the factors specific to your home renovation of whether adding a simulated check rail is necessary for your next window installment/replacement. Your specific needs for efficiency, egress, structural performance, and viewing area all may be met by a regular double hung window, or a standard casement window may already fit into the stylings of a particular space in your home. A simulated check rail can be a great innovation if you are looking to balance aesthetic with functionality, however.

AVI Has Got Your Windows

Whatever your window needs, from casements, to double hung, to simulated check rails, AVI has got you covered. With our online, phone, and in-store services, we are your one stop shop to view, choose, and install your windows for your next home renovation.

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