The Benefits of Marvin Bi-Fold Doors

By: Architectural Visions

The Marvin brand offers many different types of doors, but by far, Marvin bi-fold doors are among the most stunning options. One reason is because this style of door has unique advantages for connecting the indoors and outdoors.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of Marvin bi-fold doors and where they might work well in your home.

Key Takeaways

  • With their oversized glass panels that allow ample natural light, Marin Bi-fold doors are a great option to maximize floor space
  • Marvin Bi-fold doors can have between two to eight panels that fold and run along an aluminum track
  • Marvin Bi-Fold doors are energy-efficient and cost-effective and work well in both interior and exterior spaces
  • AVI Windows & Doors has professionally-trained installers to install Marvin Bi-fold doors

What Are Bi-fold Doors?  

What makes Marvin bi-fold doors really stand out is their operation. They are sometimes called folding doors or accordion doors, and they allow lots of natural light inside through oversized glass panels. Many people choose these types of doors to maximize the floor space to your backyard or deck in a flexible and attractive way.

How Bi-fold Doors Work

Bi-fold doors from Marvin can be configured with two to eight panels that fold out of the way in a stylish and convenient way. These doors are durable and aesthetically pleasing, and they run along an aluminum track that is countersunk into the floor. When the door is folded up, you probably won’t even notice the track is there. The doors slide effortlessly along the track and have the option of extending either inwards or outwards. Each of the door panels are attached with hinges and to a roller track at the top and/or bottom of the door.

marvin bifold door

Benefits of Having Bi-fold Doors

Marvin bi-fold doors are convenient to use because you don’t need to fold the entire door just to pass through the area. They’re available with a traffic entry door installed in one of the panels, which swings open like a conventional door and allows you to pass through the door without needing to open the entire unit.

They are also very energy-efficient, which means less money wasted on unnecessarily heating or cooling an adjacent outside space. There are also lots of design options available for Marvin bi-fold doors, such as interior wood species, exterior finishes, and hardware.

With Marvin bi-fold doors, you instantly add more flexibility into your home. Installing bi-fold doors inside your home allows you to maximize your space, which is especially important in small rooms of the house. External bi-fold doors help you get more natural light in your house and improve the views into the outside world, with openings up to 55 feet wide.

Where Marvin Bi-fold Doors Work Well

It might surprise you to learn that Marvin bi-fold doors work well in both external and internal home locations. You can find these doors inside, separating grand rooms, but more commonly on the back of the house leading to the yard outside or a patio/deck.

The doors are built to withstand commercial operations, which means that they are more than sufficient to function well in a household. You can feel confident that your Marvin bi-fold doors are safe and secure with a good locking system that activates at multiple points on the door and reinforced glass that cannot be easily broken.

Consider placing Marvin bi-fold doors in an area of your home that you want to keep cool during hot weather. These doors can be opened wide to let the fresh air inside without needing more fans or turning up the air conditioning. To make your bi-fold doors more resistant to outside heat, you can choose to have energy-efficient glass put on your bi-fold doors to boost their thermal properties.

Installing Marvin Bi-fold Doors

In addition to offering Marvin bi-fold doors for sale, we also provide Marvin bi-fold door installation to ensure that your door is placed precisely and exactly right with no gaps or air leaks. These types of doors can be tricky to install for an amateur DIY enthusiast, so this job is typically best left to professional installers who work with bi-fold doors on a regular basis.

Where to Buy Marvin Bi-fold Doors

If you are interested in learning more about bi-fold doors or finding out whether one of these types of doors would work well in your home, AVI can help. We are a premier window and door supplier in the Southeast with a full-service approach that involves helping you select the right door, handling the installation, and taking care of every detail in between.

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